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DSM Remote Control

Control IT from just about anywhere.

Manage IT from anywhere, anytime

Enable Everywhere Work with Desktop and Server Management (DSM) Remote Control—a DSM add-on that allows managing clients inside and outside your corporate network without the need for a VPN connection.

remote control screenshot


Users can use the DSM internal role permissions to narrow down the usage to only those employees who need it. Remote Control uses SSL by default so that customers will be able to create and use their own certificate, or use a certificate created by Ivanti DSM.

Easy to use

Customers have the convenience of starting the remote session directly inside the DSM program. For additional flexibility, we also integrated the ability to start a remote session via command line or directly from a browser window.


To further increase productivity, features like file transfer, remote execution and clipboard sharing are also available. Ivanti’s compression algorithm will ensure a fast and smooth experience even on lower bandwidth.

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