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Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaaS)

Evolve to risk-based vulnerability management (RBVM) with the aid of security experts. VMaaS delivers vulnerability scanning, analysis, prioritization and reporting across both infrastructure and applications – so your team doesn’t have to do it alone.

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Improve your security posture while unburdening your internal teams from tedious tasks through specialized RBVM technology coupled with hard-earned subject matter expertise.

Improve your security posture

New vulnerabilities emerge daily. VMaaS lets you stay on top of them through a risk-based approach to vulnerability management, which includes vulnerability scanning, analysis and prioritization.

This comprehensive service pairs expert security analysts with best-in-class scanning tools and processes to swiftly and accurately identify vulnerabilities on your network and with your applications.

These scan findings are then brought into Ivanti Neurons for Risk-Based Vulnerability Management (RBVM) and Ivanti Neurons for App Security Orchestration & Correlation (ASOC), where they are automatically correlated and contextualized with threat data and analysis.

Your specific, prescriptive risk-based prioritization is delivered by the Ivanti Neurons platform within minutes. This prioritization leverages Ivanti’s proprietary risk scoring methodology to ensure remediation recommendations stay laser-focused on actions that will measurably improve your organization’s unique security posture.

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Refocus your internal teams on the tasks that matter most

With VMaaS, you’ll focus on vulnerability remediation through easy-to-follow remediation plans while relieving yourself and your team of endless scanning as well as manual analysis, prioritization and reporting.

Removing labor-intensive, upfront aspects of vulnerability management lets your entire team immediately manage your risk and keep pace with the increasing number of vulnerabilities, rising weaponization and growing attack surface without losing sight of what matters most: the security of your organization, your end users and your clients.

Achieve all of these cybersecurity wins with fewer resources – freeing up valuable personnel for more pressing projects – through this fully managed VMaaS service.

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Full platform access

VMaaS customers receive full access to Ivanti Neurons for RBVM and Ivanti Neurons for ASOC on the Ivanti Neurons platform.

Network scanning

Fully managed vulnerability scanning identifies misconfigurations and vulnerabilities on internal and/or external networks.

Application scanning

Fully managed code weakness and vulnerability scanning pinpoints and identifies coding errors and exploitability within your designated web applications.

Vulnerability validation

A security analyst will provide validation of identified critical scanner vulnerabilities and verify false positives, reducing the noise and data overload that scanners can contribute to vulnerability management.

Vulnerability prioritization

Details of all ingested scan findings are available on the Ivanti Neurons platform, providing a single unified view of vulnerability exposure. Ivanti’s Vulnerability Risk Rating (VRR) lets you understand risk across infrastructure and applications.

Remediation management

With bidirectional data sharing for leading IT and ticketing systems, and built-in workflows in the Ivanti Neurons platform, assignments and tickets can be created with full information of what patches and actions should be performed.

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