What is your Time to Patch?

When it comes to patching your systems, you're on the clock. The longer it takes to patch, the more vulnerable you are to potential exploits.

The Importance of Early Intervention

Risk exists even before a patch becomes available. To mitigate this pre-patch risk, you can apply additional zero-day defense.

Privilege Management to Prevent Lateral Movement
Application Control to Block Malware and Untrusted Payloads

Threat Level Timeline

Pre-Zero Day

Ongoing Application Control and Privilege Management
Exploited Zero Day
Public Disclosure
Unknown Vulnerabilities

Day Zero

Update Releases

0-14 Days

Apply the patch and continue Application Control and Privilege Management
Rising Risk

14-28 Days

50% of exploits have occurred

40-60 Days

90% of exploits have occurred

120 Days

Common Challenges

Identification and Prioritization of Vulnerabilities
Aggregating Known Issues
Reliability vs Risk

How Ivanti Can Help

Application Control to block what you can’t patch
Privilege Management to balance access and security
Patch Management to reduce attack surface

Achieve Defense in Depth

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