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We Have Trust Issues

Psst: You Should, Too

Ever feel like your IT infrastructure is one big attack surface? Yeah, we understand - especially if you’re using VPNs. Zero Trust is a term you may have heard of. What does it mean and why are security-conscious organizations embracing it? Read on and find out.

Don't let "Zero Trust" confuse you

The term “Zero Trust” is misleading; it doesn’t mean that security systems should not never grant a level of trust to an entity. Rather, it contrasts with historical security postures that were largely “all or nothing” based on credentialing. Zero Trust implements a minimalist approach to privileges that with the capability of reducing access based on real-time signals.

"In 100% of companies, maximum domain privileges allow access to other key systems"

—Business in the Crosshairs: Analyzing Attack Scenarios, Positive Technologies, December 2021

Minimally necessary trust, not the absence of trust

Eliminate attack surfaces by limiting access only to the essential corporate IT resources needed for users to be productive.

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A paradigm, not a product

Zero Trust defines an architectural standard intended to provide a common approach to granting privileges across the security infrastructure.

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Trust is continuously assessed, never permanent

Trust is evaluated on an ongoing basis for people, devices and other aspects of the IT ecosystem and not determined solely by role or other static classifications.

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"Over 60% of organizations will embrace zero trust as a starting place for security by 2025"

—How to Decipher Zero Trust for Your Business, Gartner, Published 9 May 2022 - ID G00762685

Transition from Secure Connect to Ivanti Neurons for Zero Trust Access if:

  • Your organization is adopting the Zero Trust security paradigm
  • Network security modernization is a concern
  • Private applications are hosted for BYOD users or third parties
  • Network-wide access to users creates regulatory or corporate risk
  • Your users work in a hybrid environment – 75% will continue to do so post pandemic**

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**Top Network Practices to Support Hybrid Work, Published 8 April 2022 - ID G00765086

Good News! You've Got Options!

  1. Eliminate Network And Application Attack Surfaces with Zero Trust: Replace your Secure Connect VPN at your pace with Neurons for Zero Trust Access
  2. Improve Operational Efficiency with Cloud Analytics and Automation: Improve visibility and control of your Secure Connect VPN with Neurons for Secure Access
  3. Improve Network Performance And Security Hardening: Refresh your hardware for improved performance and security

Adaptive security is the name of the game.

Learn how Ivanti can provide your organization with a smooth, thoughtful transition and deliver a better experience for your organization and users.