Speakeasy (formerly Wavelink)The fastest, easiest way to add voice to any applications.

Voice is Easy

Learn how you can benefit from voice-enabled devices in your business.
Why Speakeasy, powered by Wavelink? We'll tell you.

Starbucks Success

Pretty good quote: "Speakeasy pays for itself extremely rapidly."

Add voice to any application

Traditional voice applications found a place in use cases such as warehouse picking, but cost and implementation efforts hobbled the productivity benefits. With Speakeasy, powered by Wavelink, you can add voice to the applications you already have.

Whether you're running terminal emulation or web apps, you can extend the productivity benefits of these apps with voice enablement—and deploy fast!

Can you save as much money as Toshiba with Speakeasy?

Toshiba America Business Solutions is saving over $500,000 annually. Well done!

Voice-enable the apps you already have

Speakeasy means you don't need to abandon investments you've already made. You're enhancing their value. Speakeasy works with your existing enterprise systems (WMS, ERP, etc.) and mobile apps—whether telnet or web apps. 

Add voice in 30 days or less
Add Speakeasy to your existing mobile deployment in under a month.
Part of a multimodal data-capture solution
Add voice where voice makes sense—alongside barcode scanning, key entry, and more for an optimized data-collection solution.
Reduce training times
No need to train Speakeasy to recognize unique accents or dialects. Users pick up any enabled mobile device and get to work.
100% device-based voice processing

Eliminates the need for a server to handle voice encoding and decoding.

Hands off your host system

Add voice without incurring costly modifications to your enterprise system.

Middleware or system interfaces? No way!

Speakeasy leverages your mobile app to interface to the host, eliminating the need for expensive add-on software.

Forget about voice-specific hardware

Your mobile device has the power to handle voice processing, so there's no need for dedicated voice hardware.

With Wavelink, we've been able to improve the efficiency by 50 percent.
With Speakeasy, we have an easy, low-risk, agile way to offer better supply-chain services.
With Speakeasy, we’re seeing an annual savings of $549,548 in productivity, training, and audit costs alone. The solution paid for itself in fewer than three months.
We are seeing tremendous benefits from the Speakeasy implementation that will result in significant ROI.
Coleman Cable
John Revenaugh, Director of Logistics
Marcus Jeffery, Business IM Manager, Major Accounts
Toshiba America Business Solutions, Inc.
Daniel Sanders, Director of Distribution
Daniel La Greca, Distribution Center Manager

The only thing faster than an ROI with Speakeasy, by Wavelink, is our speed of implementation

What's greater than your productivity gain? The level of service you'll be able to offer customers. For picking apps, receiving, cross-docking, and other tasks, adding voice helps workers keep moving—doing more, faster. Whether you're running a DC, operating a 3PL business, or anything else in the supply chain, Speakeasy can unleash the power of your mobile-productivity initiatives. 

Add Voice in 30 days

Speakeasy makes it easy