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Browser Solutions

Mobile browsers that ensure workers are focused on productivity
Web app connectivity
Learn why CETerm is the recommended mobile interface for SAP applications.
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Moving to Android, iOS or Windows 10?
Our Velocity browser gives your web-based enterprise systems the optimized mobile user experience.
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Industrial browser
Designed to easily implement data capture technologies and optimize worker productivity.
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Get more done every shift

Access applications from all your mobile devices

Work gets done in every area of your warehouse. So why not give workers the tools to complete tasks anywhere on the floor? With Ivanti Supply Chain tools, powered by Wavelink, you'll unleash the most from your mobile computing hardware—leveraging your technology investments.

From our Industrial Browser, to Naurtech CETerm, VelocityCE, and more, our portfolio of mobile browser solutions empowers you.

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Web host connectivity solutions bring your enterprise systems to the point of productivity

Web-based apps drive workflows across your business: whether inventory, picking, put-away and more. Our web app connectivity solutions help workers navigate tasks while leveraging the advanced data-capture technologies available in your chosen mobile devices—and interface with all leading systems—including SAP, Oracle and High Jump.

Works with your enterprise systems
The most comprehensively compatible host connectivity solutions.
Lock in productivity
Lock workers into the browser application to keep them focused on the task at hand.
Get the most from your mobile devices
Device-tailored clients deliver connectivity that leverages the power of your mobile devices.

Easily add data capture

Barcode scanning, RFID reading and more without the need for specialized coding knowledge.

Powerful scripting

Automate the “easy” stuff, like smart calculations beyond those provided by the host app.

Fast-rendering apps

No more waiting for a browser to load the next task screen.


Easily add voice-directed, hands-free data capture.

Workers Work Faster

VelocityCE offers a fast-rendering, mobile web browsing experience for Windows Mobile and Windows CE.

worker with warehouse scanning device