Warehouse worker using a mobile scan device.
Browser Solutions

Browsers Certified for Enterprise Operations

Industrial web browsers designed to empower supply chain workers and increase productivity.

Web browsers designed for enterprise operations

Your business requires an industrial browser designed with the suite of integrated capabilities to help workers get more done every shift. Transform and optimise their experience and build your future mobile deployments on Ivanti Velocity.

3 rugged smartphones displaying browser screens.

Works with your enterprise systems

Workers complete tasks using the Velocity industrial browser on Android, iOS or Windows 10, and connect with all leading systems – including SAP, Oracle and more.

Server room wall with neon lighting streaking across server racks.

High performance browser experience

Leverage the productivity capabilities of your mobile devices, with advanced control of device-specific barcode scanning parameters, powerful scripting, all without server requirements or changes to your enterprise systems.

Woman using a mobile rugged scanner to scan an item in a grocery store aisle.

Free your apps from OS disruptions

Operating system updates change and retire features. Velocity handles these changes so your workers remain productive while risk to your enterprise applications is reduced.

Man inside a warehouse utilizing a rugged mobile device.

Common experience across devices

Whether completing tasks on a handheld mobile device, wearable scanner, or tablet, the user experience adapts to different screen sizes, but with the same workflow navigation.

Woman inside a warehouse interacting with a wrist-mounted device.

SAP certified

Confidently deploy Velocity as an SAP certified mobile browser for SAP S/4HANA and ITSmobile systems.

Easily add data capture

Enable browser apps with barcode scanning, RFID reading and more.

Powerful scripting

Optimize workflows with automation – from performing smart calculations to routing inspection forms.

Fast-rendering apps

There’s no middleware or servers between your enterprise systems and mobile workers, so screens load instantly.

Dynamic apps

Application screens dynamically adjust to different screen sizes, so users get a common experience across devices.

Add voice

Easily add voice directed, hands-free data capture, on top of the Velocity platform.

Built for operational excellence

Don’t run your business on commercial browsers built for consumer apps. Accelerate your journey toward operational excellence with Velocity.

It’s time to transform the worker experience

Accelerate your journey to operational excellence with Ivanti Velocity.