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Choose and execute the right projects

Identifying the projects that will provide the greatest ROI for your organization shouldn’t be a shot in the dark. It’s time to stop the guesswork—and start putting energy behind the right the programs.

Ivanti Neurons for PPM enables your organization to create a predictable project delivery machine. You’ll identify and prioritize the high-value projects that push your organization forward while eliminating the unnecessary drains on budget and resources that can derail even the most well-intentioned initiatives.

With Ivanti Neurons for PPM capabilities, you can:

  • Align corporate strategy with project plans and budgets using cross-portfolio views and control
  • Automate workflows and increase productivity with essential collaboration tools
  • Analyze project costs and related factors with robust reporting tools and dashboards
  • Increase time to value for rapid innovation throughout the business

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As of April 1, 2024, all Ivanti operations in your region will be assumed by IVM EME. For sales questions please visit

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