RES Software Supports NIST CSD Compliant Application Whitelisting

Enhancement to RES Workspace Manager helps Federal government boost cybersecurity measures

PHILADELPHIA — 2014年9月3日 —

RES Software today announces that its application whitelisting solution is compliant with the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Computer Security Division (NIST CSD). This capability of RES Workspace Manager allows government IT departments to effectively block cyber attacks and other threats by making application access more secure.

RES Workspace Manager offers an efficient and easy way to manage user profiles contextually, helping agencies realize the value of desktop and application virtualization while delivering a seamless experience to end users. This also reduces the complexity of controlling access and increasing security in hybrid desktop environments.

“With the increasing number of technology-related security threats the federal government faces today, application whitelisting offers a powerful defense to malware attacks and hackers who try to manipulate existing systems to cause destruction,” said Gene Bonacci, General Manager, Americas, for RES Software. “We are very pleased to make this enhancement to our compliant technology so the U.S. government can more successfully protect itself and the American people from malicious hacks.”

Application whitelisting blocks more malware than other defenses, such as blacklisting, by allowing only known “good” software applications to be executed and automatically blocking new malware when it is detected. In addition, government IT departments have more control over whitelists, making them easier to manage and maintain.

RES Software takes the whitelisting approach a step further by first defining the user and his or her context (role, device, location, wi-fi connection, etc.) and then the list of approved applications. With this approach, government agencies can ensure their employees and contractors have access to the software they need while protecting against other software that may be harmful. This enables government IT departments to make their whitelists and blacklists specific enough to account for software and applications needed by the organization without requiring a large number of exceptions and exposing the organization to unintended risk. Additionally, RES Workspace Manager integrates closely with several software deployment technologies, making it easier for government agencies to automate the maintenance and management of their whitelists using their existing technology investments.

“Cybersecurity is a top line item for the federal government today, and application whitelisting is becoming an increasingly important tool for defending against malware attacks,” added an IT Officer from Veterans Affairs. “To continue the prevention of security breaches, government IT departments should invest in current and compliant technologies now and in the future.”

Although this capability specifically meets compliance criteria for the federal government, it has critical applications across many other industries, such as healthcare and financial services, that are also under pressure to prevent security breaches. Through a variety of security and compliance features, RES Software offers a unique approach to streamlining the user’s experience while reducing IT’s overall costs and mitigating risk.


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