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Practical Demo: Understanding your IT environment with Discovery, Service Mapping, and ITSM

12 aprile 2023

Having a visibility of assets that are accessing your organization’s network is one thing. But understanding their potential impact on your IT environment is a different story. Knowledge is power. Especially in the Everywhere Work model, when each of your employees uses on average 2.6 devices to do their job every day.

In this practical demo webinar, Everett and Steven will showcase how pairing service and asset management platforms with a comprehensive discovery and service mapping solutions can help you identify and visualize relationships and dependencies of assets in your IT environment.

Join us and learn how to:

  • Leverage root cause analysis for improved and quicker problem resolution.
  • Manage change impacting risk assessments with accuracy and ease.
  • Improve security and business continuity efforts.
Everett Carnahan
Technical Marketing Engineer
Steve Feldstein
Senior Solution Marketing Manager, UEM Clients