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Elevate Beyond Microsoft Intune

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Why Ivanti’s Secure UEM is right for your organization​

57% of knowledge workers report serious friction at least weekly while using workplace technology. Are you looking for your UEM solution to easily integrate with your full tech stack, provide superior visibility, better employee experience, and risk management? Then you want the partner you’ve already got: Ivanti’s Secure UEM.

Don’t get fooled by hidden costs

Free is never really free, beware of hidden costs. What you see with Ivanti is what you get. No hidden charges or paying for extra servers and software licenses you might need in the future. Protect your bottom line and your security.

Limit your cyber risk exposure

Your Ivanti’s Secure UEM solution is built from the ground up with security and compliance in mind, so you can protect a complex environment and support all your devices and use cases.

Don’t compromise on employee experience

Resolve vulnerabilities and issues across your entire IT estate to ensure a better digital employee experience. With Ivanti's Secure UEM solution support your teams with device flexibility for increased engagement and productivity.

Secure UEM Solution Packages

Capabilities for where you are now, and where you want to go in the future

Complete, simplified endpoint management

  • Discover and inventory all devices on your network
  • Support modern and client management
  • AI-driven self-healing automation
  • Central view into device, people and organizational DEX** scores
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Support your mobile and frontline workforce

  • Provide secure network connectivity and dynamic access control for cloud and on-prem applications
  • Secure applications for mobile devices and users
  • Provide secure communications and data loss prevention (DLP) capabilities
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Comprehensive UEM with integrated endpoint security

  • Prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities
  • OS and third-party app patching
  • Risk-based cloud patch management
  • Patch reliability insights
  • Autonomous patch configurations
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Discover what secure UEM solution packages can do for you

ŠKODA redefines the retail experience with a managed mobility solution

Learn how ŠKODA leveraged Ivanti Neurons for UEM to more efficient sales process and improve customer satisfaction, leading to increased customer loyalty, higher sales, and improved overall business performance.

Secure UEM packages overview

Your Ivanti’s Secure UEM solution is built from the ground up with security and compliance in mind, so you can protect a complex environment and support all your devices and use cases.

2024 Everywhere Work Report

"Flexibility" has become the central theme of the Everywhere Work movement. Knowledge workers are seeking the freedom to work from any location at any time, and they demand advanced technology that boosts their productivity. Are the CIO and CISO up to the task of providing this?

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