Ivanti Levels Up Dashboard Reporting with Latest Xtraction Release

Integration transforms ITSM business intelligence. Ivanti expands extensive library of connectors

SALT LAKE CITY — 9 mai 2017 —

Ivanti, a leader in integrating and automating critical IT tasks, today announced the latest release of its dashboard reporting and analytics solution, Xtraction. This release transforms ITSM business intelligence, letting users keep tabs on ITSM performance to see progress, spot risks and gain insights across IT data and eradicating the traditional manual number crunching often associated with ITSM in-built reporting tools.

Ivanti brings critical ITSM data in sync through the addition of Xtraction reporting and dashboard connectors for its newest portfolio additions Ivanti Service Manager, Voice as well as third-party applications. With these latest developments, Xtraction delivers richer data on demand, helping users visualize key information, gain transformative insights and act swiftly to achieve IT goals.

“These milestone connectors take ITSM data analytics to an entirely new level,” said Duane Newman, vice president of product management at Ivanti. “The connectors dramatically increase the reporting flexibility of service management by augmenting data with other IT systems data, such as security metrics. The powerful capability to roll up data from multiple IT systems and convert regular metrics into detailed data visualizations provides previously unseen insights.”

Ivanti continues to build out its extensive third-party library, allowing customers to leverage the data they receive from Xtraction’s dashboards and reporting across their entire ecosystem. Xtraction offers connectors for many enterprise IT data sources beyond Ivanti, an ever-growing and evolving list including connectors from Cisco, HP, IBM, Microsoft and VMware.

Combining data available through Xtraction’s latest connectors aid more effective success measurement against companies’ KPIs, such as first call resolution rates, total call abandon rates, call duration and occupancy utilization.  

“We’re thrilled about this new Xtraction release as it provides us robust capabilities we can’t find anywhere else in the industry. Ivanti is always finding ways to improve their programs, and this is a clear indication of that mission,” said Larry Barrios, PC support manager at CFISD. “Xtraction’s new features, like the voice feature, will help us significantly streamline our processes and data visualization.”

Xtraction’s new release integrated with Ivanti’s Service Manager and Voice helps organizations successfully manage any IT event. For example, a router outage could affect hundreds of staff and customers, resulting in an overwhelming 500+ spike in support calls. Without Ivanti’s ITSM business intelligence, IT staff repeat the same message to every person that calls in. With Ivanti Service Manager and Voice, the customer can employ IVR, automated messages and automated ticket initiation and service restoration notifications. With Xtraction reporting, they can understand the current outage’s impact on services, people, costs and revenue which aids in planning for future outages and easily reporting accurate KPI measures.

Other enhancements for this release include feature updates that elevates the visual display of exported dashboards and optimizing data refresh timings for strong experiences.

For more information on Ivanti’s Xtraction capabilities, please visit https://www.ivanti.com.

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