LANDESK Unveils 2016.3 Releases, Providing Organizations with Greater Visibility

Latest product updates empower organizations to discover, provide insight and take action based on increased visibility in their environments

SALT LAKE CITY — 18 octobre 2016 —

LANDESK today announced its 2016.3 product releases, bringing new visibility and discovery capabilities to the LANDESK solutions portfolio. With the latest updates, LANDESK gives organizations an improved view of what’s in their environment and the ability to take action within the same system.

There is a growing need for IT to better understand what’s happening in the environment and have the tools to take action when needed. Without this level of visibility, organizations face higher risks of failed audits, security threats, inconsistent policies and support for devices, and lackluster IT and business services.

Visibility issues manifest in different ways and affect multiple IT business practices. For example, if the asset team doesn’t know what software they have and where it is being used, the organization is at risk for failed audits or for over-buying of software licenses. If the security team doesn’t have enhanced discovery capabilities, they may fail to identify nefarious devices trying to connect to the network. When it comes to managing traditional, mobile, and VDI endpoints, an extensive inventory allows IT to correctly configure and manage each device type and version. Finally, improved visibility helps service desk staff to quickly identify what may have changed on devices experiencing difficulties, and helps organizations understand the impact of changes to help them deliver top quality IT and business services.

With such high stakes, organizations have taken steps to increase visibility, but without an integrated solution, it’s not enough. A recent Enterprise Management Associates report, Optimizing IT for Financial Performance, found the average organization has more than 11 discovery tools. The problem is, these tools don’t provide visibility across all IT security and management activities, and don’t enable IT to take immediate action on the results.

“At LANDESK, we think there’s a better way, and we’ve added new capabilities across the entire solutions portfolio to improve access and visibility, giving our customers the tools to take action like never before,” said Duane Newman, VP of product management at LANDESK. “The latest 2016.3 releases give IT speed of remediation, delivering positive business outcomes to their consumers.”

LANDESK’s updated solutions portfolio caters to a variety of visibility-related scenarios, with invisible or short-lived assets serving as a prime example. Because of what virtualization allows, assets will sometimes appear on the network, live their entire life and come down between discovery scans. However, their disappearance doesn’t exonerate an organization from paying licensing fees, nor does it protect from security issues or breaches, should the item be nefarious.

To solve for this, LANDESK has enhanced its passive discovery mechanisms, updating its Neighborhood Watch technology, which leverages other known devices to quickly identify and report new, unknown items as they appear on the network. With the 2016.3 release, it gives IT the option to automatically instigate a full inventory of each discovered asset, down to hardware, firmware and what software is on the device, enabling IT to gather key data required for managing end user devices, securing data and tracking assets.

In the 2016.3 release, LANDESK is helping to improve overall IT visibility into organizations’ environments in the following ways:

LANDESK IT Asset Management: With agentless scanning for invisible assets and a new dashboard search gadget in the latest LANDESK IT Asset Management Suite release, IT can now discover new assets and search for them faster.

LANDESK Security Suite:Security Suite 2016.3 brings additional visibility with improved insights into applications running on all discovered endpoints, as well as the ability to take action on suspicious and malicious apps from within the same interface. Because the data is also integrated with Management Suite, organizations have visibility across IT security and management activities to reduce risk and improve decision-making.

Unified Endpoint Management: The updates to LANDESK UEM provide deeper agentless discovery, and enable discovery through distributed wireless access points (managed devices on the network as part of the “Neighborhood Watch”), Android for Work, and extended Windows 10 support, plus common licensing, enrollment, and MDM across Apple Mac and iOS devices.

LANDESK Service Desk:Service Desk 2016.3 delivers visibility faster, with dashboard knowledge search, impact analysis in the Workspace interface and query filters for record location. Plus, discover the Kbot Design app from the Design App Store.

Xtraction: The 2016.3 update to Xtraction offers IT an improved user experience and connectors updates for LANDESK Management Suite, Service Desk, Wavelink Avalanche 5.3, and SCCM.

For more information about enhancements in the 2016.3 versions of these products, see: LANDESK Management Suite 2016.3, LANDESK Security Suite 2016.3, LANDESK IT Asset Management Suite 2016.3, and LANDESK Service Desk 2016.3.


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