LANDESK research finds growing demand for technology integration

Majority of service desks unable to secure budget to integrate new technologies

LONDON — 3 juin 2015 —

Today LANDESK, a global leader in delivering user-centred IT solutions, announces research in partnership with the Service Desk Institute (SDI), which reveals a need for software vendors to approach service desks and guide them through integrating technologies. The data indicates whilst nearly half (45%) of service desks are interested in technology integration, 75% do not have the ability to calculate return on investment.

The study also revealed that many service desks may be unable to translate planning for integration into the budget and resources they need to move forward and innovate. Many service desks recognise a number of benefits to integrating technologies, such as providing better customer support (84%) saving time (67%) and increased efficiency (93%). However, there is a disconnect between this recognition, and the ability to translate this into the required budget to actually implement – with over 60% of service desks currently not having any funding in place to pursue the benefits of new technology integration in the future.

Andy Baldin, VP International at LANDESK said: “Service desks are recognising the need to evolve in line with users’ increasingly digitally-led lives, but these figures show that many organizations have a real issue securing the budget and resource needed to make this happen. Service desk managers need to make use of the tools and reporting capabilities available to them, to show time and efficiency savings, as well as where improved service has resulted from technology integration. This can then be used to justify the need for continuous improvement in this area.”

Tessa Troubridge, Managing Director at the SDI added: “Whilst the report shows that the benefits of technology integration are widely recognised and there is clear demand to see it developed, there is also a significant disconnect with the ability of many service desks to execute on this vision. Software consultants and vendors need to help in this process, by guiding service desks and helping to translate an understanding of the benefits of integration into the tangible resources needed to continue the journey.”

The research took place in April 2015 and went out to 16,000 Service Desk Professionals in the UK and incorporates findings from research LANDESK carried out with the SDI. A full version of the report can be viewed here.



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