RES Prepares Enterprises for GDPR Readiness by May 2018

RES announces new capabilities at Citrix Synergy to ensure security and compliance

BOSTON — 23 de mayo de 2017 —

RES, the leader in creating, automating and securing digital workspaces is announcing its latest version of its RES ONE Enterprise platform. This latest release of RES ONE simplifies IT’s manageability of security and continues to improve the user experience for both administrators and workers. These enhancements support preparedness for new regulations around protecting personal data from breaches, most notably the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which impacts every company with one or more EU citizens in their databases.

RES helps IT improve the experience and productivity of its internal customers – the workforce – while lowering IT costs, increasing security for the business and easing compliance burdens. RES does it by creating, automating and securing digital workspaces: the assigned digital resources (apps, data, tools and workflows) that a person needs to get work done at anytime from anywhere. With RES, IT ensures that workers can access the resources they need – and only the resources for which they are approved, based on business objectives and policies, and IT provisioning standards.  

“With the recent launch of RES ONE Enterprise in February, this release further builds on the power of the platform, introducing key enhancements and demonstrating our commitment to accelerating the pace of innovation and quickly offering new functionality to the market,” said Stacy Leidwinger, vice president of products at RES. “The RES ONE Enterprise platform provides a unique, people-centric way to manage security without impacting the productivity of the worker, and provides organizations with new levels of control and visibility for improved compliance.”

The RES ONE enhanced capabilities will include:

RES ONE Workspace: A modernized security admin user interface, enhanced whitelisting capabilities and granular control based on user context improves security management capabilities. Added controls help IT safeguard data from both internal and external threats, which will become increasingly important as fines for breaches escalate.  

RES ONE Automation: New parallel processing opens new opportunities for ongoing monitoring and triggering of automation jobs. IT can automate critical tasks immediately based on changes detected in the environment, mitigating risks and automatically logging all activity for easier compliance. 

RES ONE Identity Director: Enhanced workflows and rollback capabilities provide IT with more control. With added logging of admin access to personal data, overall governance controls offer much greater visibility. 

RES ONE Enterprise Supports GDPR Compliance Initiatives

RES ONE helps ensure compliance with today’s data security regulations and standards including HIPAA, SOX, PCI, and pending GDPR. With just one year until GDPR and its attendant penalties take affect for all companies with data on EU citizens, organizations are faced with quickly securing data and compliance measures to meet GDPR, while still keeping the workforce productive. RES builds effective governance directly into IT operations through policy-driven, context-aware IT automation to ensure compliance, security and business alignment.

RES at Citrix Synergy

RES will be available at Booth #403 to conduct demos, share success stories and provide insights on how RES can help maximize the latest Citrix technology for securing, mobilizing, and optimizing app and data delivery. RES can help keep your enterprise secure, while increasing unimpeded worker productivity. Citrix Synergy 2017 is at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL from May 23-25, 2017.

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