RES Announces RES Hub, an Online Community to Drive Digital Workspace Transformation

New opportunity for customers and partners to extend the value of existing investments by sharing integration connectors, sample automation scripts, and best practices

PHILADELPHIA — 28 de junio de 2017 —

RES, the leader in creating, automating and securing digital workspaces, is announcing the launch of RES Hub to further support digital workspace transformation, security and governance initiatives. By sharing and leveraging connectors, samples and best practices, the RES technical community can now better streamline deployments, helping organizations maximize the business value of their existing investments with RES ONE Enterprise. 

Last June, RES announced the RES Tech Alliance Program and the RES Ready distinction for certified connectors and integrations that help customers get the most out of their existing and future technology investments, to secure environments, increase efficiency and lower costs. With the increasing demand for RES Ready connectors and integrations, the RES Hub expands the ecosystem to promote engagement and accelerate access to newly shared content. Equipping RES customers with the latest integrations, building blocks and best practices will result in optimal efficiency and value.

“RES Hub is the result of our experience in the market collaborating with thousands of RES customers and partners globally to support their digital workspace initiatives,” said Stacy Leidwinger, vice president of products, RES. “The RES technical community is strong and highly engaged, so we wanted to give back to that community by creating a new open forum where technical expertise and knowledge would be shared to better serve all RES customers.”

RES Hub helps enterprises get more return on their technology investments through faster deployment and integration with other infrastructure solutions. With unlimited access to all contributions, the RES technical community will have access to more than one hundred content submissions on day one. Organizations can choose to extend out-of-the-box capabilities through community building blocks and samples: existing content that can be leveraged to get up and running quickly, or used as a starting point for customization. To maximize the value of existing infrastructure investments, visitors can use the connectors to integrate third-party technologies such as mobile device management, IT Service Management, virtualization and cloud provisioning, PC lifecycle management, SaaS applications and more. With RES Hub, you will realize faster implementation across security, cloud governance and compliance projects.

Benefits of RES Hub:

Streamline deployments supporting the digital workspace, security and governance initiatives such as identity and access management, GDPR, VDI deployments, etc.

Maximize existing technology investments to accelerate time to value

Extend out-of-the-box capabilities with industry leading integrations, building blocks and samples

Collaborate with RES tech community to share and discuss expertise and best practices

Together with partners and customers, RES offers a complete best-of-breed digital workspace forum that gives IT greater opportunity to replace manual processes with fully automated solutions that span across multiple products and environments. By opening and expanding its ecosystem, RES customers can deploy important projects helping organizations meet their regulatory compliance needs and reduce risk of cyber security threats all while increasing workforce productivity. 

“We are pleased to be a part of the RES community, and excited to be able to participate in extending the power of RES to our clients,” said Mike Strohl, CEO, Entisys360. "The value of RES Hub is clear, and this solution presents new opportunities for our clients to accelerate their ROI by building on a foundation that has already been established, without having to start from scratch. Already, RES Hub is providing valuable content our clients can leverage to apply best practices the drive productivity, reduce costs and streamline their IT operations, all while optimizing the security of their digital workspaces.”

“Many organizations have different environments and challenges when it comes to increasing productivity and security across their digital workspace. RES continues to be a leader in helping organizations overcome these challenges and with the launch of RES Hub we are expanding our breadth by calling on our technical community to help,” said Leidwinger. “We have seen that many foundational elements can be applied from one organization to another and RES Hub gives unlimited opportunity to do just that -- interact, share and help each other quickly deploy successful projects to drive business value. Everyone wins.”

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