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A Non-Salesy Introduction to the Ivanti Portfolio

20 September 2017

It’s been two months since Ivanti acquired RES, adding the RES products to Ivanti’s extensive offering of IT solutions. You’ve probably wondered, ‘what does Ivanti do anyway?” Well, in this webinar join RES founder and CEO, Bob Janssen and Ivanti CMO, Steve Morton for a discussion on Ivanti’s products and how they’re helping to unify IT. In this 30-minute, minimal slides, zero-sales pitch webinar you’ll learn how RES products fit into the Ivanti portfolio and all about the IT asset management, IT service management, unified endpoint management, and IT security products Ivanti offers.

Bob and Steve will also be taking your questions about RES solutions and the future of Ivanti.

Steve Morton
Bob Janssen
Chief Technology Officer