Male warehouse worker in a orange reflective vest reaching towards a shelf while holding a mobile scanning device.
Use Case

Optimise Mobile Apps and Incorporate New Technologies

One platform for scalable, optimised mobile apps ready for emerging technologies.

Ivanti Velocity has already helped bring essential business systems to millions of Android, Windows 10, and iOS devices. Now, optimise those application workflows and integrate new technologies to really transform the worker experience.

Modernise existing applications

Bring existing enterprise applications to the latest devices, via telnet or browser connection, with an enhanced users experience that makes apps easier to learn and use.

Female warehouse worker leaning over and scanning a box with a mobile scanning device.

Platform for expanding use cases

Using Velocity as the foundation, you’re able to build out the future of your operational tech stack – including optimised workflows, multi-modal data capture, and connections to Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and emerging technologies.

Behind-the-head shot of a worker analyzing the screen of a mobile scanning device held in their left hand.

Implement and measure productivity

Introduce platform technologies such as voice-directed and voice-entered data to improve accuracy. And measure the key performance indicators (KPI) to help you optimise processes and eliminate bottlenecks.

Screenshot of the user interface for Ivanti Neurons for IIoT.

Integrate time-saving tech

Implement digital forms to handle exceptions or complete required inspections. Or, save material transport time by dispatching autonomous mobile robots. With Velocity, you’re able to incorporate helpful tech that accelerates operations.

Male warehouse worker wearing a yellow reflective vest interacting with a picking robot.

Deliver software that makes sense

Modernize telnet apps

Refresh “green screens” with an experience that is easy to learn and use.

Optimize workflows

Improve procedures with automation so workers accomplish tasks faster.

Powerful, industrial browser

Run multiple web sessions with control over menu/taskbar access and auto-ID technologies.

Hands off your WMS

Add Velocity, voice and automation without changes to your host system.

Common experience

Wearables, rugged mobile computers, tablets – apps dynamically adjust to the devices users carry.

Fast Training, Better Results

“[Velocity] turned all the function keys into buttons. So now, they’re navigating, and instead of ‘F3=BACK’, they’re hitting a button that says ‘BACK’. So, for a new person using it, it makes sense.”

Check out how Dorman Products improved accuracy and customer service with Velocity. Spoiler alert: mis-picks reduced 86%!

mobile device solutions screenshot

It’s time to transform the worker experience

Accelerate your journey to operational excellence with Ivanti Velocity.