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Apply Server Patch Management to Data Centre Servers

Simplify and automate patch management for all your servers

Patching should be less complex than data centres. You need to assess and patch physical servers and virtual systems with ease—and without disrupting business.

Are you sure your servers are patched?

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Powerful Discovery
Don't fear the unknown—or fall victim to it. Find connected systems, scan for missing patches, and deploy them.
Comprehensive Patch Management
Reduce risk. Patch the OS, third-party apps, physical and virtual servers, and systems that aren't always connected.
Simple Interface
Get accuracy and rapid time to value with intuitive, flexible access to the precise level of detail and control you need.
Flexible, Comprehensive Reporting
The final step in any successful patch strategy is reporting. Get the right data about vulnerabilities to the right people.

Are you sure your servers are patched?

You're doing all you can to keep users’ system software up to date and secure. But the data centre is the lifeblood of your organisation. Your security practices must include patch management to help keep servers hardened, data secure and available, and your business reputation intact. You've got to deploy the latest security patches—while continuing to devote time to core business goals.

The problem is: the data centre's complex. Many companies struggle to keep their server software up to date.

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We have what you need to patch the data centre

Data centres present more and different server patch management issues than your client systems. Ivanti Security Controls, helps you meet those unique needs with features proven effective in data centres for many large companies. Take advantage of ease of use, as well as the extensibility to reach even beyond your network boundaries to support cloud infrastructures and users off-network. Gain the agentless capabilities, integration with VMware vSphere, and customization that can simplify server patch management in the data centre.

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Robust and simple patch management for servers

Get features tailored to the data centre that complement and extend current patch management efforts.

Total Discovery

Discover both physical and virtual systems.

OS and Third-Party Patching

Support hundreds of leading vendors as well as custom patches.

Offline Virtual Machine Patching

Keep offline virtual images in a constant state of readiness to be deployed.

Patching for All Virtual Systems

Patch online and offline VMs, hypervisors, templates, and third-party applications.

Agentless Patch Management Option

Assess and deploy patches while minimizing impact on server workloads.

Automated IT Tasks

Streamline common IT functions like configuration and inventory.

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