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extend MEM with third-party patch management tools.

Patching 101
We helped Pitt cut patching from a full-time job to an hour per week.
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Extend MEM

Full-coverage patching with MEM

With System Center Configuration Manager (MEM) you may have your Microsoft software updates covered. But what about third-party applications such as Adobe Acrobat Flash and Reader, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Oracle Java?

They account for 86 percent of all software vulnerabilities, and are the apps and browser add-ons hackers target most. How do you keep track of, remediate, and report on all your vulnerabilities—without breaking the bank or creating headaches for IT?

Patch all software with the tool you know well

You've got MEM, and it's working for you. So what if you could add comprehensive third-party patching to it—without adding infrastructure or training?

Risk Management and Compliance
Patch even your most vulnerable third-party software, and verify those patches from within MEM.
Simplified Configuration
Keep up with the constant onslaught of security patches across thousands of third-party apps.
Built-in Scalability
Scale effortlessly as your needs demand, via a native MEM experience.
Greater ROI
Get more for your IT dollar. Maximise your investment in System Centre.

Not new. Just improved.

Get the best of both worlds. Ivanti Patch Manager for MEM uses your existing MEM patch management infrastructure and console to patch your most vulnerable applications. Our plug-in instals in minutes. All you do is choose what to publish from our extensive catalogue, and the packages show up alongside Microsoft updates. You can use the systems and workflow you know so well, and our solution scales right along with MEM.  

Ivanti Patch for Configuration Manager
Third-party patching for Microsoft MEM.

Patch completely for peace of mind

Third-party patching can be a struggle. Manage risk effectively by ensuring patches are delivered properly. 

Native Patch Management Plug-in

There’s no need to deploy extra servers or additional agents or use a console other than MEM. What’s more, the installation is easy, fast, and verifies your MEM console configuration for a better user experience.

Automated Patching

Our solution checks the latest patch definition automatically. You can also set it to publish new patches automatically. It even has logic that expires superseded patches and helps with installing difficult patches such as Java.

Award-Winning Patch Catalogue

Select and publish patches from a comprehensive catalogue of third-party software updaetes that includes Adobe, Apple, Citrix, Google, Mozilla, Oracle, and much more.

Expert Research Team

Our patch content engineers spend countless hours ensuring all patches are thoroughly tested before we release them to you. Secure your environment successfully: take advantage of our years of experience delivering accurate, timely patch data.

Integrated Reporting Features

How do you demonstrate patch compliance throughout your organisation? Through the reporting features inside of MEM console you’re already familiar with, you can view and verify delivery and installation of third-party patches.

Customised Patching

Edit and customise individual patches to meet specific company policies. Publish patch metadata separately, for compliance reports and audit requests or to see if a patch needs to be deployed fully.