Executive Summary with Jeff Abbott

Surprising insights into IT, security and the future of work – and what they mean for your business strategy.

Join host Jeff Abbott and a rotating cast of global executives and thought leaders as they unpack Ivanti's latest research and share their own perspectives and experiences.

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Ivanti’s original research explores the state of IT, security, digital employee experience, remote and hybrid work and more.

cybersecurity status report
State of Cybersecurity Report

91% of organizations view cybersecurity as a strategic asset, but tech bloat and data silos are impeding critical cybersecurity initiatives. How do we move forward?

We surveyed 7,300 professionals around the world to learn how security and IT can align and tackle these challenges together.

woman sitting at a desk
Everywhere Work Report

Flexibility is critical, but are IT and security teams equipped to meet the demands of the flexible Everywhere Work movement?

We surveyed over 7,700 executive leaders, IT and cybersecurity professionals‌ to understand employees’ current expectations and how IT and security teams can empower the Everywhere Workforce.

woman on the phone
Digital Employee Experience

How does the way we interact with technology shape employee productivity and satisfaction?

We surveyed 7,800 IT professionals, executives and end users around the world, across a broad range of industries, to gauge their opinions on the current state and future of the digital employee experience (DEX).

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Meet the host

As CEO of Ivanti, Jeff oversees all aspects of the company’s growth strategy and direction. Before becoming CEO of Ivanti in October 2021, Jeff was Ivanti’s President since January 2020. Jeff has over 25 years of experience working for enterprise software and services companies, including Accenture, Oracle and Infor.

Jeff holds degrees from the University of Tennessee and Georgia State University. He sits on the National Alumni Board at the University of Tennessee and has previously held board positions with the Georgia Leukaemia and Lymphoma Society and the Posse Foundation.

jeff abbott in session