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Ivanti AppStation

Mobile Application Management

Organisations with many seasonal or contract employees need a MAM-only solution to securely equip their workforce with the mobile apps they need to get the job done. AppStation provides secure access to authorised apps for both managed and unmanaged mobile devices.

Allow access to specific applications

For many businesses, workforce dynamics have changed. Gone are the days of the single company career. More companies have moved to using contractors for both short and long term roles. 20% of the labour market is occupied by contractors, and that number is expected to increase to 50% within the next decade.

Leaders in this environment need to quickly recruit and onboard contractors to rapidly scale business operations while simultaneously minimising corporate data loss risks and complying with corporate policies. By securing apps that contain sensitive information, AppStation is a vital component of these operations.

Secure Access

AppStation provides secure access to authorized Apps for unmanaged devices and managed mobile devices.

Empower Contractors

Organizations with a large mobile, seasonal workers, contractors need MAM only solutions.

Integrated Threat Defense

In addition to secure access, AppStation is also the only MAM solution with integrated Ivanti Mobile Threat Defense.

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