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Ivanti Environment Manager Policy

Dynamic, User-Centric, Contextual Control of Windows Desktops

Bring user-centric, contextual control of Windows desktops to Ivanti Endpoint Manager environments.

Complete control, improve user productivity

Environment Manager Policy simplifies management, makes users more productive and improves user experience by enabling IT to control every aspect of the desktop at a highly granular, contextual level.

Eliminate slow logons

Long logon times annoy users and distract them from their work. Reduce long logon times with Ivanti® Environment Manager Policy and you’ll increase user productivity and acceptance, and decrease helpdesk call volume. Unlike logon scripts, Environment Manager Policy applies only configurations relevant to the user context.

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End group policy nightmares

Over time, using Group Policy for contextual and granular control of users’ desktops creates an IT maintenance nightmare of epic proportions. Ivanti® Environment Manager Policy replaces hundreds of Group Policies with a single, fast, contextual configuration.

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Eradicate logon scripts

Logon scripts are often the bane of IT’s existence. Multiple setting changes and updates written by multiple owners result in labyrinthine scripts that run slowly at best, causing logons to drag and users to fume. The flexible, rulebased approach of Ivanti® Environment Manager Policy eliminates logon scripts and substantially reduces logon times.

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Start fast

Optimised for easy, fast installation, with no additional server or database infrastructure to instal or run.

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Make users and IT more productive

Users log on faster and get a better desktop experience that’s tailored to their needs. IT reduces management and maintenance—just deploy agents, instal the console and apply policy.


Processes logon actions simultaneously, so users don’t have to wait for each stage of the logon process to complete sequentially.

Contextual engine

Target policy settings at any combination of user and desktop attributes.

Easy transition

Import existing GPO templates to ease retirement of Group Policy.

Less maintenance

Extensive search and filtering capabilities reduce ongoing maintenance.

Graphical console

An easy-to-use graphical console covers all possible desktop actions and configurations.

No infrastructure required

Requires no additional server or database infrastructure to install and run.

Reduce logon processing

Move actions out of the logon process and apply on-demand only when needed.

Full Solution

Ivanti Environment Manager provides a complete set of desktop personalization and environment management policy capabilities. The Environment Manager / Policy Quick Reference Card details the difference between Ivanti Environment Manager and Ivanti Environment Manager Policy.

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