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Mobile devices are essential enterprise resources. Employees use them to access virtually everything. And because most users have subpar mobile security measures in place – if any – hackers are taking advantage.

Ivanti Neurons for Mobile Threat Defence (MTD) protects Android, iOS and iPadOS devices from advanced threats. It enables you to monitor, manage and secure devices against device, network, application and phishing attacks, and detect zero-day threats through real-time link analysis.

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  • Ensure constant protection with on-device and cloud detection and remediation
  • Detect and remediate phishing attacks across all mobile threat vectors
  • Stop zero-day attacks with policy-based compliance actions
  • Achieve 100% user adoption on mobile devices enrolled in Ivanti UEM

As of April 1, 2024, all Ivanti operations in your region will be assumed by IVM EME. For sales questions please visit

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