Phew! Your phishing defence didn't crumble

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Modern phishing attacks go beyond the e-mail scams we’re used to. Links in messaging apps, social media, text messages and even QR codes have the capacity to sneak up on unsuspecting users, luring them to fake landing pages to harvest sensitive information.

The good news is, Ivanti can instantly protect 100% of your remote workforce with easy anti-phishing security.

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The Rise of QR Codes

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Defence baked-in

By default, MTD alerts users if a URL is malicious prior to them visiting it, using a continuously updated database of phishing URLs.

What’s more, MTD uses machine learning-based phishing detections to spot sites that are not yet on any list. Everything happens on-device, maintaining privacy and providing protection even without a network connection.

Mobile phishing is on the rise as hackers ramp up attacks on the remote workforce. These attacks are more sophisticated and lucrative than ever before. Fill out the form and we’ll reach out to talk to you about the latest trends and how enterprise security professionals can keep their users protected.