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Chromebook Device Management

Effectively manage and secure all ChromeOS devices with Ivanti Neurons for MDM.

Manage and secure all ChromeOS devices

Dealing with increasing demand for devices, applications and platforms? Ivanti Neurons for MDM streamlines ChromeOS device management.


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Fast and easy deployment for your ChromeOS devices

Leverage ChromeOS-blueprints to manage and secure Chromebooks with 500+ settings.

Streamline IT and user experiences by centralising app delivery through existing or new apps.

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Built-in, proactive security

Improve security postures, including ransomware attacks, with ChromeOS.

Provide IT with granular controls to manage ChromeOS, app management or security controls.

Increase security by enforcing native encryption.

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Comprehensive device lifecycle management

Enable inventory sync via integration with Google Workspace and monitor device health.

Create enterprise-grade visibility into all Chromebooks via low-touch Google Workspace integration.

Remotely lock, unlock and wipe devices.

Ivanti Neurons for MDM is built for Day Zero support readiness.

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Modern employee experience

Support apps for all your users – extend your Android apps and more.

Speed up your Everywhere Work environment by reducing interactions with IT.

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Cloud-enable K-12 Education with Chrome OS devices

A mobile, secure, easy-to-manage operating system for Everywhere Learning.

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