Achieving Performance and Security with Ivanti

A reliable environment for supply chain innovation.

As one of Europe's largest transport and logistics organisations, Vos Logistics specialises in a wide range of services-from forwarding, warehousing, and distribution to full supply-chain to full supply-chain management. They are one of the largest road haulers in Europe, with a network of 25 locations, 2,000 employees, operating over 1,000 vehicles, 3,200 loading units, and 190,000m2 of storage space. 

Industry: Logistics

Employees: 2000



Performance Manager
To help support logistics innovation, every user is dynamically allocated enough CPU, memory, and disc resources to experience unsurpassed workspace performance. As an IT performance management solution, Ivanti Performance Manager makes more efficient use of system resources by enabling vast increases in users per server and saving an average of 40% of their cost on server hardware.
Environment Manager
With on-demand personalization and fine-grained, contextual policy controls, Ivanti Environment Manager delivers a great user experience. Users get what they need to do their jobs-no more and no less. Fast logons, roaming users with robust, always-personalised desktops, smooth OS and physical-to-virtual migrations, easy PC refreshes, etc. This is Environment Manager.
Application Control
Combining dynamic whitelisting and privilege management to prevent unauthorised code and execution without making IT manage extensive lists manually or constraining users, Ivanti Application Control means happy users and a secure logistics management software environment. Help-desk calls are reduced and shadow IT is reined in—your IT team is happy and so are you.

Non-responsive and frozen?
User productivity takes a hit.

Searching for a Citrix solution that would provide its users with centralised Transport Management System (TMS) applications, Vos needed to keep advanced IT systems secure and functioning at the same time. Upon deploying the Citrix solutions, Vos users noticed that excessive CPU bandwidth issues severely restricted usage of their intensive applications, especially their business-essential Transport Management System. For the user, the result was non-responsive and frozen sessions, ongoing cuts in productivity, and unacceptable levels of downtime. Vos Logistics needed something that would support both its advanced IT systems and its users. 

Benefits to Vos Logistics

Consistent Usage Experience

With Ivanti Performance Manager, Vos Logistics was able to tame its Transport Management System (TMS) by allocating CPU and memory. As a result, the business-critical app used for everything from vehicle tracking to invoicing was fed the resources it needed to offer consistent usage experience to its users.

Smooth, Seamless Responses

Relying on Performance Manager, Bob Mulders of the Vos Logistics IT department wanted the solution to react dynamically to changing demands within its logistics management system environment. Ivanti enabled Vos to monitor and reallocate system resources in order to react accordingly to changes within the organisation. For more than 10 years, IT has enjoyed reliability and performance uplifts with the smooth, seamless responses of Ivanti Performance Manager.

Secure, Standardised Desktop Experience

Ivanti Environment Manager serves authorised applications to Vos Logistics's Citrix XenApp servers while powering drive mapping and printer drive mapping for users-all at login. Users have fast logon times with personalised desktop experiences and full access to apps from any location. The experience for users at Vos Logistics is secure, standardised, and consistent. Bob Mulders even says, "As a logistics company constantly on the move, it also means total flexibility and secure access from anywhere our team members roam."

Controlled Environment Settings

Vos Logistics only has two IT staff members responsible for day-to-day administration. Ivanti Environment Manager keeps control of the organisation's environment, including drive and printer mappings, logon settings, registry settings, cleaning up the recycle bin when a user logs off, and proxy server settings. As a result of the solution's ease of use, the IT staff is able to troubleshoot application problems and user settings. 

More Productivity, Securely

Senior Systems Engineer, Geert Van Der Meulen, says of Ivanti, "The ease of use of these solutions now part of the Ivanti suite saves a lot of time that we can now spend more productively elsewhere. We now have a very practical approach of introducing IT technology." Vos Logistics has improved application responsiveness and reduced downtime while standardising secure, trusted applications and desktops. They're able to monitor, control, and troubleshoot application issues with a limited staff.