JDA Warehouse Management Bundles Ivanti Supply Chain Software to Support Android Devices

The only JDA WMS offering fully modernised for the Android OS

SALT LAKE CITY — 06 May 2019 —

Ivanti Supply Chain today announced that JDA Warehouse Management now offers a complete, out-of-the-box, modernised user experience (UX) for the Android OS. JDA customers can now order a complete Android solution for their warehouse management system (WMS) operations, that includes Ivanti® Velocity, Ivanti® Avalanche and Smart Device Remote Control products modernised for JDA Warehouse Management. This enables supply chain organisations to easily move from Windows to Android devices on JDA within minutes, while providing a fully modernised UX that eliminates the risk typically associated with new platform migration. 

“By integrating Ivanti Velocity and Ivanti Avalanche with Smart Device Remote Control, we are simplifying the migration to Android devices and speeding application modernization within the warehouse,” said Steve Bemis, global vice president of sales, Ivanti Supply Chain. “JDA selected our software for their Android modernization and device management due to its unique ability to simplify and enhance the ability to move to the latest Android architecture.”

The JDA bundle supports automated deployment and device management that enables customers to take new Android devices from out-of-the-box to a production environment in minutes, and move their JDA operations – from green screen to touch-enabled Android interfaces – quickly and easily. The benefit to the customer is limitless and immediately apparent to warehouse workers through increased productivity and accuracy.

“JDA Warehouse Management uniquely offers a standards-based, open systems end-to-end solution, from host to mobile device with full system and management functionality,” said Matt Balthasar, JDA Edge Technology Group director of sales.  “Providing customers with systems that can be quickly and easily deployed, while staying in control of the technologies is a winning approach. We are proud to be teaming with Ivanti to further unleash the power of our industry-leading WMS with Android mobile devices.”

JDA Warehouse Management featuring this new functionality is available now. Ivanti Velocity, Avalanche and Smart Device Remote Control are available now. For more Ivanti Supply Chain product information, visit www.ivanti.com/supplychain. For more information on Ivanti Supply Chain Rapid Modernization, visit rapid.ivanti.com

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