Future-proof, Secure and Improve the Digital Workspace with Newly-enhanced RES ONE Platform

RES delivers powerful capabilities to modernise digital workspaces for hybrid infrastructures, making workers more productive and secure.


RES, the leader in digital workspaces that empower the new age of worker productivity, is announcing the release of RES ONE version 10 products. This latest release of RES ONE includes advanced features that improve IT management, automation, security and workspace transparency, making RES ONE a platform for more sophisticated and dynamic workflows between people, systems and things. The new features of RES ONE Enterprise (formerly known as RES ONE Suite) increase IT’s ability to modernise digital workspaces, especially for hybrid infrastructures, allowing workers to be more productive and secure.

The enhancements to RES ONE Enterprise products span a spectrum of advanced capabilities, focused on improving the digital workspace experience and delivering simple, yet powerful automation. The result for IT will be a future-proofed infrastructure and an IT organisation that is freshly empowered to assure workers of fewer disruptions and barriers to productivity, while still being actively protected from security risks.

“The latest version of RES ONE offers a new approach to ‘future proofing’ for the enterprise,” said Stacy Leidwinger, vice president of products at RES. “This includes a sustainable technology management solution that works across any hybrid infrastructure, and a new way to manage, upgrade and further transform workspace technology without impacting the productivity of the worker. Today’s workforce can work from anywhere, anytime on any device, with better support from IT – and without losing sight of security.”

With RES, new security measures, virtualization initiatives and OS migrations can now be expanded, upgraded or deployed by IT without disrupting the workforce, thanks to the adaptive, predictive and context-aware capabilities of RES technology. And with RES version 10 products, workers will benefit from a new approach to IT service delivery that focuses on a better user experience through automation and self service.

“This future proofing is especially important, given disruptive technology trends such as Internet of Things that will surely continue to transform how workers interact with technology and information,” continued Leidwinger. “And while we’re continuing to see a transition to cloud-based solutions within the enterprise, there’s no question that the complexity of these environments is increasing with hybrid landscapes serving as ‘the new normal’ for the foreseeable future. We’ve only begun to see how the workforce will be impacted by these changes.”

“As we look at our plans for supporting the business and securing our environments, the latest release of RES ONE Enterprise is right on the mark,” said Marcus Lohr, VP of Infrastructure Operations, Woodforest National Bank. “RES ONE will empower us to further enable productivity and mitigate risks. While RES has always provided a strong combination of security, automation and self service, RES ONE Enterprise builds off of those capabilities and gives us even more possibilities for improving governance and enhancing the user experience.”

What RES products have changed?

RES ONE Enterprise includes RES ONE Workspace, RES ONE Automation and RES ONE Identity Director, all of which are enhanced in this new release. RES ONE Identity Director, formerly known as RES ONE Service Store, now further delivers on its unique coupling of identity management capabilities with automation and managed workflows. Additionally, RES ONE Security has also been enhanced with these new releases.

Highlights of RES ONE product enhancements

Key enhancements of the latest version of RES ONE Enterprise include:

  • New reporting that provides insight into user experience, performance and usage to help IT make better, faster decisions about the workspace
  • New web-based management portals with diagnostics that serves as a service desk help tool to easily drill into what is going on with the workspace and to help troubleshoot
  • Seamless integration across infrastructure and systems through more open and flexible APIs
  • Increasing context-aware security policies across more device types, including Mac and Linux, for a better roaming experience
  • Enhanced self-service capabilities to better support workers 24/7
  • More data visibility and sharing around user identity, access activity and the user experience
  • Improved mobile and web user interface for the self-service portal
  • Increased governance by sharing data related to identity and access policies, workflows and transactions into existing reporting, monitoring and BI tools

These capabilities will be available in Q1.

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