What Top Security Teams Do Differently: A Panel Discussion

1 February 2023
The recording will be available shortly.

February 2

What do best-in-class cybersecurity organizations do differently?

Have they somehow found unlimited budget for their every tech request? Do they have an uncanny ability to source the diamond-in-the-rough talent? Or, is it something else?

As part of our inaugural State of Cybersecurity Preparedness research series, Ivanti asked 6,550+ cybersecurity professionals, leaders and end users what their cybersecurity teams will do in the next 12 months to secure their organizations.

But, we wanted to know what our cybersecurity experts truly believe set top teams apart from the pack.

In this free webinar, our panel will:

  • React to the latest findings from “Press Reset: A 2023 Cybersecurity Status Report” – ranging from predicted top threats in 2023 to C-suite misbehavior.

  • Discuss the differentiators of best-in-class cybersecurity organizations – specifically how they handle buy-in from leadership, asset visibility, cloud security, end user UX and supply-chain resilience.

  • Tell the stories behind the stats, revealing what worked for their teams in practice… and what failed in the face of real threats.

Amanda Wittern
Deputy Chief Security Officer
Daniel Spicer
Chief Security Officer