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Vulnerability Management In Real Life: 5 Best Practices From Real-World RBVM Programs

1 September 2022

With over 236,000 total vulnerabilities currently known – and an average 61 new vulnerabilities added every day to the NVD – it’s impossible to remediate every single CVE or threat vector that appears.  

So, how do everyday organizations handle the continuously growing threats to their organization’s end users, customers and data – especially across an increasingly hybrid and remote Everywhere Workplace? 

Listen in as vulnerability security experts from TAG Cyber and Ivanti discuss lessons learned from effective (and ineffective) RBVM programs at real-world companies and organizations like yours: 

  1. Start with asset discovery and management to figure out your organization’s unique cyberrisk factors for vulnerability prioritization. 
  2. Prioritize your highest-risk vulnerabilities and exposures using more than static methods such as vendor severity and CVSS. 
  3. Align both Security teams and IT Ops to reduce friction and increase compliance within your SLAs. 
  4. Avoid operational impacts due to bad patch rollouts through pilot teams and other internal initiatives. 
  5. Lift the huge administrative burden of RBVM programs through strategic, practical automation – not switching on automation for automation’s sake. 
John J. Masserini
Senior Security Analyst
TAG Cyber
Chris Goettl
Vice President, Product Management, Security