Q1 / 2023 Product Releases

Strengthen cybersecurity posture and optimise digital employee experiences

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Your feedback is invaluable to us as we continuously improve our solutions and services to best meet your needs.


Key enhancements to ensure that Ivanti continues to deliver on its mission of enabling and securing Everywhere Work.


Stability, performance and security improvements to ensure you have the best experience with your Ivanti solutions.

Digital Employee Experience (DEX) / Ivanti Neurons Platform

Improve operational excellence, ease of use and security to further enhance your overall digital employee experience.

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What's New

Ivanti Neurons for Discovery

Scan performance, device reconciliation, deployment representatives and Neurons for ITSM connector improvements.

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Ivanti Neurons for Edge Intelligence

Enhanced DEX capabilities including a new Microsoft device driver sensor and new reputation-based protection sensor.

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Ivanti Neurons for Healing

You can now specify multiple values when configuring the App State and Service State stages.

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Ivanti Neurons Workspace

DEX Score now includes people metrics calculated from the scores of the devices the users own and the incidents they submitted, equipping IT Teams with comprehensive device and user experience insights.

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Service & Asset Management

Ivanti Neurons for ITSM

Simplify IT administration and improve the user experience, and secure communications when integrating cloud and on-premises applications.

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Ivanti Neurons for ITAM

This latest release allows on-premises customers to configure Ivanti Neurons for Discovery to synchronize device data with their local implementation of ITAM.

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Ivanti Neurons for Spend Intelligence

Leverage simplified licenses, transactions and contracts grids, and utilize additional tooltips, definitions and standardized column headers across pages to optimize the user experience.

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Ivanti Neurons for PPM

New platform updates help align portfolios, projects and demands. Submit project proposals and ideas for evaluation and estimate the budget impacts of your demands before committing them to projects.

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Ivanti Neurons for GRC

Enable finer control and management of compliance within the organization with new policy approval workflows, notifications and forms, and easily request submission of evidence to support audit findings.

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Ivanti Neurons for Facilities

Enhancements to request multiple assets for fulfillment, reserve cubicles, offices, or other facility spaces for specific locations, dates and times, and schedule location shutdowns and assign emergency roles.

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Ivanti Neurons for RBVM + Ivanti Neurons for ASOC

Gain a better view of network risk via integrations with Amazon Inspector, Claroty CTD and Microsoft Defender for Endpoint. Streamline processes with new system filters and notification types.

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Ivanti Neurons for Vulnerability Knowledge Base

See how Ivanti Neurons for VULN KB's vulnerability coverage compares to that of publicly available databases like Qualys, Rapid7 and Tenable, plus the National Vulnerability Database (NVD), in two new widgets.

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Ivanti Neurons for Patch Management

Prioritize business needs with Compliance Reporting, Public API/Rapid API third-party reporting and utilize Endpoint Vulnerability context actions to deploy patch groups and trigger actions on multiple devices.

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Ivanti Neurons Patch for Intune

Ivanti Neurons Patch for MEM is now called Ivanti Neurons Patch for Intune. This change reflects our commitment to providing the best possible experience for our customers using Microsoft Intune.

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Ivanti Patch for Configuration Manager

Ivanti Patch for MEM is now called Ivanti Patch for Configuration Manager. Enhancements have been made to the Configuration Checker and you can now publish updates by CVSS score.

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Unified Endpoint Management

Ivanti Neurons for MDM

Provide enhanced user experience and productivity on shared Mac devices. Improve IT efficiency in managing corporate assets and deploying COSU (Corporate Owned Single Use) devices.

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Training and Certification

Ivanti Guided Learning

Advantage Learning introduces Ivanti Guided Learning for ESM, UEM, Neurons for MDM and Ivanti Multi-Product subscriptions.

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Ivanti Certification Program

Advantage Learning enhances the Ivanti Certification Program with industry-standard testing and digital badges to enhance authority and credibility of Ivanti Certifications.

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Advantage Learning Refresh

Advantage Learning UI has been improved, making it easier to review courses. Take advantage of complimentary courses to start learning how to discover, manage, secure and service Everywhere Work.

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Ivanti Neurons for RBVM Subscription

Introducing a new training subscription for Ivanti Neurons for RBVM, ASOC and Vulnerability Knowledge Base.

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Ivanti Connect Secure Subscription

Self-paced online training content for Ivanti Connect Secure physical & virtual appliances. From the first flip of the switch to the final configuration, this new learning path offers step-by-step instruction.

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