OEM Products

Be World Class

Ivanti offers feature-rich technology that integrates smoothly into your solutions with lower resource overheads. You can continue to devote resources to develop your core product strengths that add value and separate you from your competition.

Extensive support
Give users the latest verified patch releases for Windows, macOS, select Linux versions, and an ever-growing list of third-party applications.
Flexible architecture
Be able to choose from agentless and/or agent-based scanning and remediation options to fit into on-premise, mobile, or cloud-based solutions.
Virtual & physical support
Add a solution that can automatically discover, scan, and remediate physical machines—and virtual machines—whether they’re powered on or off.
Give customers high-performance scanning in near real time with impressively minimal system requirements.

Show me your patching solutions

We’ve thought of it all. Seriously. Ivanti’s wide range of OEM patching solutions are the perfect choice to strengthen your product while minimising costs.


Boost your product so it can quickly find missing OS patches and out-of-date, vulnerable software. Provide flexible support for download location, scheduling, reboots, and more. Deliver results and associated metadata for customizable user interfaces and reporting functionality and design.


We enable your solution to scan and apply patches for macOS, as well as Apple and third-party applications—all with minimal user disruption—that allows your application to control reboot timing.


Supports important third-party apps, including many from Adobe, Java, OpenOffice, and more. Gain flexibility so that your application can control reboot timing. Coverage for CentOS, Red Hat, and SUSE 64-bit Linux OS, and more.

Patch catalog
Patch catalog

Add automated patch support for a growing list of third-party apps, plus simple data importing that doesn’t require additional software or training.

Patch for MEM
Patch for MEM

Extend customers' investments in Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager using a single workflow. Support for hundreds of vendors and apps, even the most difficult like Java and Google Chrome.

Extend reporting and dashboard capabilities with Xtraction

Give customers the ability to cut through the mass of IT data to the insights that matter most. Deliver real time, IT business intelligence to spot trends, risks, and opportunities.

Self-service reporting

Enable anyone to connect to data, build reports, design dashboards, drill down, and filter data in real time. Reduce the burden on IT reporting specialists.

Maximize visibility

Give your solution the ability to provide key data to stakeholders. Enable customers to view and share dashboards in meetings or export to major file formats.

Customer experience

Your users will be able to visualize personalized data in real time, or point in time, and schedule report-delivery times to suit them.

Comprehensive solution

Give your customers access to a single comprehensive view of multiple IT data sources so your solution can drive intelligent decision making.

Partner with an industry leader in remote control capabilities

Give your users the freedom to access your products from anywhere by embedding our cost-effective remote control solutions designed for nearly every role in IT. 

Communicate and resolve
Communicate and resolve

Your solution will be able to simultaneously control users’ machines remotely and use communication tools to quickly educate and resolve issues.

Control from any device
Control from any device

Empower your solution to use any HTML5 browser to control devices remotely, adding the ability to execute commands, and even launch applications.

Security throughout
Security throughout

Add end-to-end SSL encryption for all communication. No storing of credentials; agent is loaded when called and removed when finished.

Simple integration
Simple integration

All you need is a simple API in order to access the web service to load and remove the client. Admins, analysts, and users can launch it from a web page or portal.

Elevate your security solutions with Application Control

The advanced technology in Ivanti's Application Manager gives your team unprecedented endpoint control that reduces risk without compromising the user experience. Our solutions easily mitigate threats without disrupting productivity. Think of it as an impenetrable force-field of bubble wrap.

Provide Protection

Get zero-day protection from malicious and targeted threats by getting rid of local administrator accounts. Maintain control by only giving users privileges when they need it.

Trusted Ownership

Prevent unauthorized code execution and enforcement of software licensing through a “trusted ownership” model and an improved approach to whitelisting and backlisting

Manage Privileges

Manage privileges at the application or individual task level instead of at the session or account level. Raise, lower, or eliminate those privileges based on a per-user, application, or task basis.

Fine-Tuned Control

A new level of application control and privilege management that achieves a practical, cost-effective balance between IT compliance and user demand and productivity.