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Modernise and Transform Facilities Operations and Service Delivery

In today’s hybrid workplace, managing space and improving the employee work experience are more important than ever. With the right Facilities Service Management software — transform your facilities and operations — everything from asset, work order, document and space management to room scheduling, cost tracking, mobile access, and reporting and dashboards — to positively impact work-life quality and organisational productivity.

According to Gartner, adoption rates for applications such as seat reservation systems, space utilisation tracking and workplace applications are expected to grow between 146% and 250% by the end of 2022.

Ivanti Neurons for Facilities Helps You Integrate People, Place and Process

No doubt the list of vendors offering facilities service management solutions is long. What differentiates the Ivanti® Neurons for Facilities platform is how it helps you realise enterprise-wide Service Management to make your environment robust and dependable — facilities management capabilities complemented with proven IT Service and Asset Management, Unified Endpoint Management, Security Management and more.

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