LANDESK Adds Workspaces to IT Asset Management Suite, Integrates User-Friendly Interface to Manage Licences

Updated IT Asset Management Suite Gives Simplified View of Assets, Helps Organisations Prepare for Software Audits

SALT LAKE CITY — 14 July 2015 —

LANDESK today unveiled a new version of its IT Asset Management (ITAM) Suite that includes a LANDESK Workspace, targeted at IT asset managers. The suite provides a simplified view of IT assets in one central place, putting key decision-making data at the fingertips of asset managers.

“With LANDESK Workspaces we wanted to reinvent the way users interact with our products,” said Matt Bingham, director of product management at LANDESK. “By utilising LANDESK Workspaces, the ITAM Suite lets asset managers explore cost savings, identify audit risks and take action on that data, in an instant, from any device.”

Leveraging LANDESK Workspaces, the ITAM Suite provides better visibility into software compliance, hardware asset lifecycles, licence entitlement and hardware refresh policies. This integration provides opportunities to drive cost savings in IT by reclaiming unused software and repurposing underutilised hardware.

Other benefits include the following:

Elevated asset visibility. With the use of this suite, IT managers get a comprehensive look across managed assets, making it easy to identify owned assets, optimise software, reclaim unused licences and regain negotiating power with vendors.

Precise licence clarity. This suite delivers detailed, reliable licencing information, helping IT managers monitor their current state of compliance and respond faster to software audits.

Automated warranty, refresh and recall data. By providing a complete look at assets, the ITAM Suite helps IT managers stay updated by automating hardware warranty, lease and refresh tracking, in addition to asset recalls.

Any device, anytime, anywhere. Asset managers are mobile and need to interact with data when and where they want. LANDESK Workspaces is compatible with Mac, Windows, iOS and Android operating systems, and it provides the same experience regardless of device.

“Many asset management tools, whether they are discovery, licence optimization or asset repositories, tout the total number of reports available in the product,” said Patricia Adams, ITAM evangelist at LANDESK. “While this is useful information, knowing how to act on the data is more meaningful. Having the data displayed in a format that allows for rapid business decision-making enables the asset manager to be more efficient. LANDESK Workspaces provides a customizable dashboard and the visibility needed to understand the health of the IT assets and make actionable decisions.”

Responding to software audits is one example of how that data can be used. Recent Gartner polling data from the ITFiPAM summit indicated that 68 percent of companies are audited annually. In response to this, organisations who use the products in the ITAM Suite have identified and regulated assets to eliminate unnecessary licencing renewals and software audit fines, resulting in the accumulation of millions of dollars of savings. For example, George Leonard, IT asset manager at Sealed Air reported, “Within the first three months of using the solution to automatically identify and remove unused software, we have cost avoidance savings of more than $900,000 in licencing fees.”

LANDESK IT Asset Management Suite lets users know what assets they have, where they are, how they are used and how they are performing for better decisions at any stage of their technology lifecycle. For more information, please visit

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