Wavelink Unveils Next Generation of Velocity, Targets Smart OS Devices

New Product Builds Modern, Intuitive User Interface Without Cost of Updating Backend Systems. Velocity Modernizes Traditional Enterprise App Interfaces, Optimizes for Smartphone and Tablet Operating S

SALT LAKE CITY — 17. Juni 2015 —

SALT LAKE CITY — June 17, 2015 — Wavelink today announced the release of Velocity, a mobile application platform transforming warehouse productivity by increasing efficiency through reducing training and improving accuracy. This user-friendly application modernizes traditional green screen applications by automatically building modern HTML graphic user interface (GUI), without the high cost of requiring a backend migration or customization of host applications.

“Velocity is reinventing the industry by simplifying the incorporation of tailored user interfaces, allowing management to better focus on the business and not software development,” said Steve Bemis, vice president, mobile productivity at Wavelink. “The supply chain has lived on green screen technology for more than 30 years. It powers everything delivered to your doorstep or stocked on store shelves and with this new platform, warehouses will see reduced training times and improved productivity and accuracy.”

Building on Wavelink’s existing VelocityCE, a fast-rendering browser for Microsoft’s mobile operating systems, the next-generation Velocity accelerates productivity by taking full advantage of the latest touch-enabled mobile operating systems.  By converting data fields that previously required multiple key presses into single touch or swipe navigation, task menus and yes/no questions are transformed into buttons on the display – offering a simple, more intuitive experience for the user.

Velocity automatically builds a modern GUI by pulling from existing green screens.

It enables businesses to mitigate the costs and risks associated with updating and migrating mobile applications, all while improving productivity. Some of the ways Velocity is changing warehouse operations include:

Modern experience. Velocity’s intuitive user interface leverages existing mobile touch screen technology and is more familiar to users, improving productivity and accuracy, while reducing training time.

Reducing risk. Velocity automatically transforms existing green screens to a touch enabled modern HTML GUI, without forcing a risky migration project or making changes in the host system.

Diminished cost. The platform eliminates the need for in-house mobile application development or migrations for modernization, which can cost anywhere from $1 million to more than $10 million per application, depending on scope and scale. One retail vendor recently quoted $500 million in anticipated application migration costs.

Customizable and configurable. Velocity’s administration console creates custom on-screen keypads and task screens to optimize workflow – offering the option to configure backgrounds, fonts and more.

“With Velocity, we’ve made it a priority to improve workflow while cutting down on unnecessary costs,” said Bemis. “Whether you’re debating a migration, or just looking for a way to boost output, we’re ready when you are.” 

Velocity is now available for companies looking to upgrade their green screen technology to customized, mobile-friendly GUIs on today’s leading mobile operating systems and devices. To learn more, visit velocity.wavelink.com.

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