Ivanti Launches Data Center Discovery, Adds Discovery for On-Premises and Cloud Virtualization Environments

New SAM Tool Automates Discovery of Data Center Assets, Delivers Visibility to Enhance Software License Position and Encourage Ongoing Compliance

SALT LAKE CITY — May 03, 2017 —

Today Ivanti unveiled its latest addition to the IT Asset Management offerings, Data Center Discovery, a software asset management (SAM) tool that provides enhanced visibility into the data center. This transparency penetrates layers of virtualization and clustering to enable proper reconciliation and optimized software spend. The solution extends the discovery and software reconciliation capabilities of Ivanti’s robust IT Asset Management Suite, which delivers the discovery, workflow and lifecycle management technology customers need for an effective ITAM solution. 

Ivanti Data Center Discovery helps users gain a deep understanding of the relationships and dependencies between applications, servers, network and storage, which is a rarity among discovery tools for SAM. The solution automates data center discovery, reducing the risk of human error inherent with a manual process of touching and browsing individual servers.  

“We’re bringing much-needed transparency to the data center. Ivanti Data Center Discovery provides the data our customers need to gain a deeper understanding of their assets and achieve insight into their relationships and dependencies within the complex data center environment,” said Steve Daly, Ivanti CEO. “With this solution, we are extending the capabilities of our ITAM offering and delivering the advanced functionality our customers need, while consolidating the number of partners they work with, to effectively manage their IT estates.”  

According to Gartner, clients that mature their SAM processes and use tools to focus on license optimization typically report up to 30% spending reductions within one year.* 

Data Center Discovery is one of the few tools that offers detailed visibility into modern complex IT environments. Bringing speed and accuracy to discovery and dependency mapping, the solution complements the existing Ivanti License Optimizer by providing the necessary data to determine what software an organization has – and how it’s being used – to model and improve effective license position. Together, the combined solutions empower asset managers to understand complicated data center-based enterprise software and optimize software investments across all vendors, platforms and licensing models.   

Ivanti Data Center Discovery is helping customers improve software asset management in the following ways: 

Discover Data Center Assets –  Data Center Discovery automates the discovery of on-premise hybrid cloud virtualization environments, including VMware, Hyper-V, Oracle VM, and IBM Power Virtualization, and captures a wide range of data to help IT teams accomplish a focused discovery of software assets. 

Achieve Vendor-Specific Visibility –  With the help of Data Center Discovery, IT departments can uncover high-value infrastructure software assets from vendors like Oracle, Microsoft and IBM.  

Realize Asset Dependencies – Data Center Discovery helps customers better understand their assets and the relationships between applications, databases, virtualization, clusters, and storage. It also clarifies which processes are running on servers versus ports, which can help teams more easily identify where problems are stemming from and reduce fix and recovery times.  

Simplify the Toolset –  Approximately 50 percent of organizations have 12 or more discovery tools, and 11 percent have more than 30. By offering an integrated solution, Data Center Discovery reduces the number of tools required to serve multiple-data use cases and vendors.   

Save Time and Resources – Now users can perform discovery with little effort – even in large multi-site data centers with agentless scans across Linux, Unix, and Windows servers. The solution automates the discovery of license versions, editions, installations and usage and reduces performance impact on the environment, with no need to install additional agents.  

Minimize Audit Impact – Data Center Discovery takes the guesswork out of asset management by providing verifiably accurate and up-to-date discovery data at any given moment. It encourages a proactive approach to SAM and helps mitigate the risk of vendor audits, which can result in huge penalties.  

For more information, visit  www.ivanti.com/datacenterdiscovery

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*Source:  Cut Software Spending Safely With SAM, 16 March 2016,  ID: G00301780 

Analyst(s):  Hank Marquis | Gary Spivak | Victoria Barber 

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