Two days of insight, innovation, and collaboration


Jeff Abbott

President & CEO

Dan Mayleben

Board Member

Chris Heim

Board Member

Nayaki Nayyar

President, Service Management Solutions & Chief Product Officer

Cyrus Hatfield

Executive Vice President and General Manager, AMER

Helen Masters

Executive Vice President and General Manager, INTL

Melissa Puls

Senior Vice President, Global Marketing

Michael Mills

Chief Experience Officer

Al Arun

Chief Customer Officer

Andy Byrne

SVP Americas Security/UEM, EXM Solution Sales, Goldmine and LMO

Brandon Black

Senior Vice President and General Manager

Crystal Miceli

Vice President, Solutions and Technical Marketing

Jay Bhansali

Senior Director, Product Marketing

Jim Tantaro

Global Head, Digital Transformation & Value Realization

Denise Champion

VP Customer Experience Marketing

Leslie Alore

Vice President, Growth Marketing

Sal Viveros

Senior Director, Global PR and Issues Management

Mareike Fondufe

Product Marketing Director

Corinna Fulton

Senior Director, Product Marketing EXM

Scott Walters

Senior Director of Enablement

Ivanti Elevate 2022