COVID-19 Information & Resources For Candidates

There’s a lot of information to take in during this uncertain time. As you review your needs, the needs of your family and community, we understand that professionally, you may have questions too. We are continuously working to provide you with the most relevant and up-to-date information on our open positions, the status of your application, and the outcome of your recent interview where applicable. On this page you will find information and resources to help you navigate the current and upcoming changes to our hiring process and understand who to contact with questions.

As we learn more in the coming weeks, this page will be updated and we will send notifications to our social media pages.

FAQ’s concerning recruiting and hiring during the COVID-19 pandemic

Is the Ivanti still hiring?
Yes, Ivanti is actively recruiting for many positions globally. Start your job search here.

Are job interviews happening in-person or online?
Ivanti Talent Acquisition and Hiring Managers are responsible for coordinating interviews Usually , first interviews are by phone with follow-up interviews in-person or sometimes by phone or video conference. As health and safety is paramount for employees and candidates, Ivanti will conduct all interviews over the phone and by video conference for the foreseeable future.

Are the positions you are hiring for required to work in an office or can I work from home?
During the COVID-19 outbreak, telework is highly encouraged for positions with duties that can be accomplished remotely. Ivanti has developed a plan to return most employees to their designated offices over the coming months with flexible work from home options.

Where can I learn more about the Ivanti’s COVID-19 response measures?
Ivanti is continually updating a comprehensive list of FAQ’s related to COVID-19.

What tips do you have for candidates preparing for a virtual interview? Remote interviews are just like in-person interviews in many ways: You're still trying to make a good impression and communicate your strengths, you're just not doing it from the same room. Preparation is just as important in a remote interview as an in-person interview.

Please consider the following best practices as you prepare for your interview:

  1. Read instructions and ask questions ahead of time if something is unclear. Make sure that you understand the requirements for the interview and make sure to download any video conference programs and tests ahead of time. For example, Ivanti uses Microsoft Teams for remote phone and video interviewing. If you are not familiar with Teams, please prepare beforehand to make sure you understand the application and how it will function. Your Ivanti Talent Acquisition Partner will also provide login and user instructions before the interview to help you prepare.
  2. Prepare your interview location: Whether it’s a phone interview or a video interview, make sure you have the interview someplace that is distraction-free. First impressions are important, and you will want to present a professional and organized workspace. Consider the lighting in the room.  You will get the best light for example, if you sit in front of a window.  Having a  a window in the background would put your face in a shadow and make it difficult for the interviewer to see you.  Test your chosen workspace  prior to the interview.
  3. Take care of the little things Do your best to anticipate those potential problems and eliminate them before they occur. For a remote interview, this includes closing all unnecessary software on the computer, turning off notifications, ensuring your machine is fully charged, and making sure pets and children are not going to interrupt your conversation.
  4. Dress appropriately. Avoid clothing or attire that may be distracting. You can be business casual and still be professional.  
  5. Make eye contact. A remote job interview with video is a bit tricky and it is  natural to want to look at everything that is happening on screen. So try and look into the camera as much as possible, rather than looking at the screen.
  6. Be yourself. Help the interviewer find out who you are and help them feel comfortable. Be prepared, be engaged, and listen. 

We wish you luck in your interview and other interactions with Ivanti. Please reach out to the Ivanti Talent Team if you have any additional questions.