*This post originally appeared on the MobileIron blog prior to the acquisition in December 2020, when MobileIron became part of Ivanti.

We see frontline workers every day, but we don’t always recognize their importance. They are the face of every business, and the first and last person many customers interact with during their journey. Frontline workers are how your customers engage with you outside your walls. 

Let’s examine three frontline workers that change the world daily.

Nurses: Everyone has encountered nurses at some point in their lives, starting with birth and progressing through routine check-ups and the occasional medical emergency. Nurses are on the front line of the medical industry, yet they are often overworked and underappreciated. In a recent survey by the American Nurses Association, 58% of nurses say their workload has increased in the last 12 months. This means that they are forced to get more done and need tools to improve productivity. One way that nurses can accomplish this is with mobile fleet management solutions that allow immediate bedside access to patient files. This can save countless hours and improve patient outcomes. MobileIron can ensure access to these files is immediate, and secure.

Retail workers: Some of us love shopping, while others detest it. Whichever category you fall into, it helps if your shopping experience is efficient, hassle free, and possibly even fun. Retail salespeople drive this experience and can make shopping a positive customer engagement, or a negative one that causes a shopper never to return. These retail employees need tools to help customers find what they are looking for, search current inventory, and even complete transactions without waiting in a checkout line. These are all experiences that a MobileIron-enabled retail worker can provide.

Transportation employees: Travel for vacation can be something we look forward to all year while business travel is often dreaded. In a recent survey from the American Travel Association, Americans skipped 32 million trips last year because they hate flying. The days of wearing suits and cocktail attire to fly the friendly skies has long since passed. However, that doesn’t mean that transportation employees still can’t provide a great customer experience. Mobile-enabled coach and train workers can check in passengers and their bags curbside, and an automated kiosk can do the same for air passengers. These tools, empowered by MobileIron, provide a level of efficiency that improves the customer experience and drives repeat business.

These are just three examples of frontline workers who assist customers, provide care, and drive efficiency every day. Because of their direct and frequent contact with the end customer, the frontline worker is the most important employee.

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