We asked a few of our customers the qualities that make up a good salesperson. Below is the video and corresponding transcript.

(Compilation) Customers: What Makes a Great Salesperson?

"I enjoy our S. E. [sales engineer] at Ivanti because he really takes the time to work with us. He takes us out, he makes sure that we have everything that we need with the Ivanti products." — Andy Martinez

"Bo Wells is our salesperson, and Bo is a great guy. I like Bo so much. He's fun, he's funny, and very charismatic. He's just enjoyable to speak with when he comes in. I don't know how he does what he does, given all of trying to run a cattle ranch and visit however many clients he has now. Last time I talked to him, it was between 4 to 600. But Bo, he's just a very, very good person, and I really enjoy working with him a lot." — Brian Sherrill

"For me, what makes a good salesperson is you need to keep selling me the product I'm already using every year so that I know I'm getting the best out of it and getting the best price you're charging me. And if you don't know something, just tell me you don't know. Don't say here's an answer, and then I find out later it's different. The best resource I think a salesperson has is a good, solid list of who the right resources are for each of the products they're trying to sell me." — Joe Young