IT departments have their hands full providing services to end users while protecting, maintaining, and improving their enterprise IT environments. And when it comes to producing reports and visuals about how IT allocates its resources, service and support performance, or security concerns for example, nothing’s worse than going through spreadsheet after spreadsheet to consolidate data.

The good news is that the Ivanti® Xtraction solution enables you to quickly sort through masses of data and display it visually yourself to understand what’s going on, without coding or opening separate applications.

Consider for example the success of Ivanti healthcare customer Arden & GEM in the UK (NHS Arden & Greater East Midlands Commissioning Support Unit). This organization estimates that Xtraction has reduced its reporting overhead by as much as 60%—a huge time savings.

Arden & GEM is a provider of commissioning, clinical and business support, and integrated solutions for the healthcare sector in the UK. Read the case study to learn how Xtraction helps Arden & GEM understand the health and financial impact of its IT.

Xtraction: The Ultimate Unified IT Tool

Xtraction is a self-service, real-time reporting software that produces dashboards, making relevant data quickly and easily understood. It consolidates data from multiple vendors’ tools and enterprise applications into a single, consolidated business view instantly.

“The solution proved to be even more powerful than we initially expected,” says Paul Miller, Head of End User Services at Arden & GEM. “Once you define the parameters of your analysis, it crunches through the data extremely quickly to provide detailed reports. We also use it to provide dashboards to our support teams, helping them manage their workloads more effectively.”

Digging Deeper

Xtraction’s unified IT power not only allows for faster reporting, but also a level of analysis previously unachievable because of siloed tools and data.

Arden & GEM experienced this first-hand when it implemented Xtraction. It needed a powerful dashboard solution that would allow it to dig deeper into the data and drive smarter business intelligence decisions.

“Before [Xtraction], our understanding of IT service delivery was limited to fairly basic internal and client-facing reporting,” said Paul Miller. “We built reports in spreadsheets using snapshots of our databases, which was a very labor-intensive process that did not produce the most visually appealing results.”

Implemented in just two days, Xtraction now allows the organization to look at its complex IT services landscape from a variety of different perspectives, revealing where it’s performing particularly well or where there is room for improvement.

Arden & GEM is using these more extensive reporting capabilities to also enhance its relationships with clients. Paul Miller elaborated, “We are able to show them our performance against Service Level Agreements in much greater detail, helping us demonstrate the value that we deliver. By allowing them to drill down deeper into the data, we can drive more intelligent conversations with them about how we can provide an even better service.”