We’re thrilled to announce that Frost & Sullivan has awarded the 2021 Asia-Pacific Company of the Year Award for secure remote access to Pulse Secure (acquired by Ivanti). In determining awards, Frost & Sullivan “applies a rigorous analytical process” that includes “detailed evaluation of best practices criteria.”  

Best practices for world-class performance

2021 frost sullivan award criteria

The criteria also evaluate how well a company performs against the backdrop of what they deem “key strategic imperatives” for cybersecurity firms:

  • Innovative business models.
  • Disruptive technologies.
  • Transformative mega trends.

Frost & Sullivan says that successful companies, including Ivanti, “overcome the challenges posed by these imperatives and leverage them to drive innovation and growth.”

Zero trust, 100% commitment

Digital transformation is accelerating rapidly, and that includes a transition to zero trust access in hybrid and cloud environments. This award comes as Ivanti garners increasing global recognition for our efforts to make the Everywhere Workplace possible with a robust suite of secure and zero trust access solutions. The world struggled with the abrupt transition to remote work, and Ivanti is honored to have played a key role in helping smooth out the permanent transition to the Everywhere Workplace.

The report from Frost & Sullivan notes “tremendous demand” for our secure access solutions in the wake of the pandemic, and says that our response “reiterates [our] ongoing commitment to empower companies of all sizes with deployment flexibility, scalability, interoperability, efficiency, and visibility.”

“With continual efforts and investments in innovation, Pulse Secure (acquired by Ivanti)’s open and flexible ecosystem stands out from close competitors’ dedicated secure remote access solutions. This open-concept architecture enables customers to work with various vendors without having multiple security solutions working in silos.”

 - Vivien Pua, Industry Analyst

Not only did we “capably support huge demand from new and existing customers,” Frost & Sullivan notes that we did so while “ensuring minimal interruption to business continuity.” We’re particularly proud of this point, because it’s one thing to focus on innovation, offering an industry-leading suite of solutions. It’s another to do so amid a global crisis while keeping up with demand and delivering an oasis of reliability in a very uncertain time. Ivanti was able to do so by focusing on solutions like Ivanti Neurons for Secure Access that enable modernized VPN deployments, streamline management, supports a hybrid IT model, and ultimately delivers a secure access foundation everywhere.

The awards were announced on November 8th and will be officially received at a ceremony in December. Read the full award analysis here.