It has been an exciting week at the Ivanti Solutions Summit 2021, and on this final day we switched gears and put all focus on our partners at the Ivanti Partner Summit. Our global partner network has grown tremendously – especially in the last year – and today we have more than 2,000 global partners. We are working hard toward a goal of being One Ivanti with one unified partner program, systems and processes to help you support your customers with a complete set of integrated solutions now and into the future as we continue acquisitions.

I hope you were able to gain a better understanding of both your role and the overall importance of partners to Ivanti’s vision and strategy. Our recent growth presents a significant opportunity for our partners, and we want you to realize that opportunity.

If you missed out on today’s sessions, don’t worry. We have you covered with a full, on-demand replay of the entire event here. The sessions from today included:

  • Ivanti CEO, Jim Schaper, outlined Ivanti’s vision and strategy.
  • Ivanti President, Jeff Abbott, spoke about the importance of partners to Ivanti’s success, and our goal of delivering opportunities for you to grow your own business.
  • A panel discussion with key Ivanti executives covered:
    • How partners can expand their offerings to customers with Ivanti products and solutions.
    • How partners are truly an extension of the Ivanti Advantage team.
    • Ivanti’s collaboration with Partner Marketing to leverage the new Ivanti brand to drive and identify new business opportunities.
    • How Ivanti plans to support partners through enablement and education to sell and deliver more solutions to customers.
  • Members of our marketing leadership team provided guidance on how personalize and craft your story and information on growth marketing programs and campaigns, and sales plays.

Subject-matter experts covered a wide range of topics from the Partner Program and enablement, to OEM and Carrier updates, and trends in our six breakout sessions.

After watching the Partner Summit sessions (if you have not done so already), I hope you take away the following and understand that we are here to support you:

  • Partners are critical to Ivanti and are an extension of our team. We are One Ivanti.
  • We’ve aligned our leadership across the organization to invest in your success.
  • The new Ivanti represents significant growth opportunities and together we are accountable for capturing the full potential that this opportunity represents.

Our new Partner Program launching on July 1 is one of the ways we are showcasing our commitment to and investment in our partners. We are measuring our own internal resources and their performance in supporting your business, and I hope that the Partner Summit has energized you to drive even more business as we work to close out Q2 strong. Start working on key performance metrics that we will use to measure the success of our partnership in the second half of this year and beyond:

  • Register new opportunities for net new business
  • Become certified, enabled and trained on the new Ivanti products and solutions
  • Cross-sell and upsell new products within the Ivanti portfolio

We look forward to a successful program launch with an amazing second half of 2021 as we work with you to grow your business.