Patch Tuesday Forecast

July Patch Tuesday Forecast 2017

May and June were rather brutal months with global Ransomware impacts that impacted systems in a way that Ransomware has not typically done previously.  WannaCry and Petya\NotPetya were a potential taste of the future of Ransomware.  Weaponized, rapidly infectious, built for mass disruption instead


November Patch Tuesday Forecast 2016

Since October Patch Tuesday there has been a lot of activity. Oracle released their quarterly CPU including an update for Java JRE, Adobe resolved a Zero Day in Flash Player, our tip of the month, and a quick look at what to expect next week as Patch Tuesday hits. On the Horizon Actually more of a c


October Patch Tuesday Forecast 2016

October is here already and should be an interesting lineup of updates coming in the next few weeks.  There are also some things you need to know about servicing model changes from Microsoft and on distribution changes for Adobe Flash. Oracle is also going to be dropping their quarterly CPU this mon


September Patch Tuesday Forecast 2016

We are only a few days away from September Patch Tuesday and just for a bit of nostalgia I dug up this old image.  Circa 2010 Minimize the Impact of Patch Tuesday banner. So, here are a few things to watch our for to help minimize the impact of Patch Tuesday, a quick tip to help you tune your proces