What Is IT Asset Management?

Even though ITAM has been around for a long time, there are still some very loose interpretations that claim to define IT asset management (ITAM). But — to be fair — the term asset management has different meanings depending upon the audience. When it comes to IT assets, we are specifically referr


Ransomware: Should You Pay the Ransom?

Security professionals dread the day when they get the call that ransomware has infiltrated their network and has already started encrypting files, drives and network shares. After the initial shock has worn off and the ransomware is no longer encrypting new files, the decision quickly turns to whet


Top Ten Tips for Windows 10 Migration

Windows 10 is the largest single reboot of Microsoft’s operating system since Windows 7 was introduced almost eight years ago. Although it has been generally available for almost two years, only 10 percent of companies have Windows 10 fully in production, according to a recent study by Dimensional R


Security Tips You Need to Know

Phishing is a growing problem online today. It wasn’t long after Phil Richards joined Ivanti as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) that we as fellow Ivanti employees started receiving email invitations to participate in periodic “Security Awareness Training” modules online. And it’s a good th


Effective Ransomware Protection: First, Fight Your Fires

In its November 2016 report, “Ransomware Protection Best Practices,” Forrester Research offers clear and compelling advice, beginning in the document’s subtitle. “Harden Your Defenses Now For This Growing Threat.” The report goes on to offer three “key takeaways,” two of which are presented here wit