Over the last year, labour shortages and supply chain challenges have created a perfect storm, creating a business landscape marked by strained resources and little room for error. The 2021 holiday season ramped up pressure on businesses that are already struggling to keep up. The current supply chain is experiencing bottlenecks at various stages, exacerbated by more labour shortages, logistical logjams, and soaring demand on e-commerce leading to longer delivery times and increased prices on consumer goods. These trends are unlikely to go away any time soon.

That means we need to learn to work within this new set of challenges. Businesses urgently need to speed operations, reduce risks, and increase productivity, while staying within budget. As businesses continue to play catch-up with increased demand on ecommerce and labour shortages, it’s imperative to level up operations while prioritizing worker productivity and safety and reduce spend by eliminating unnecessary costs for deployment.

This is where Ivanti Velocity plays a critical role. Ivanti’s Velocity framework enables transportation, logistics, retail, healthcare and manufacturing organizations to keep pace with demand by optimizing worker productivity with automation and integration.

Ivanti Velocity combines Terminal Emulation (TE) and Industrial Browser capabilities into a single client, allowing for telnet green screen migration to modern mobile devices , as well as a curated browser experience. . Its technology framework enables businesses to focus on task worker operational excellence in business-critical environments and offers modernization, automation and integration capabilities to optimize and futureproof supply chain operations.

Today, more than 16 million Velocity licenses have been installed. Businesses are leveraging Velocity to easily expand and uncover opportunities and use cases, without having to re-invest or replace their WMS or back-end IT systems. Examples include:

  • Voice-enabled picking.
  • Put-to-light & Pick-to-light.
  • HUD peripheral deployment.
  • Damaged goods process.
  • IoT device integration
  • KPI tracking.

Enhance worker productivity with automation and integration

With capabilities beyond standard TE, the Ivanti Velocity framework offers supply chain operators a strategic ROI by reducing risks and eliminating barriers to operations.

The framework lets users customize their screens for a more intuitive experience, with green screen migration as just one key example. Improved UX translates to less training time for staff plus enhanced accuracy, productivity and efficiencies in work practices.

Workflow automation is another critical element of the framework. Users can set up buttons to bypass unneeded screens or steps required and create macros to run multiple keypresses as one. They can implement powerful scripting and reformatting capabilities to enable operators to automate data parsing and customize workflows. They can also remove unnecessary content on the display to keep your staff focused and on task with more intuitive device screens. To help keep workers on task and productive, the platform shows the right keyboard at the right time. It also removes unnecessary keys and automatically displays the right keyboard for individual tasks. These are just a snapshot of what’s capable with Ivanti Velocity.

Moving you towards ‘Warehouse of the future’

Ivanti Velocity enhances the functionality of basic telnet or web-based application and helps supply chain professionals migrate to the latest mobile devices and latest Operating Systems. No re-coding. No changes to the host, and no additional middleware required. This solution is ready to be used on the latest mobile computing devices, all without having to write a single line of code. All changes are completed on the mobile device, completely separate from the existing host application. This avoids unnecessary costs or disruptions to business operations, by implementing existing WMS or ERP systems.

Ivanti Velocity also provides the ability to modernize existing applications to deliver better user interfaces for additional productivity gains.

And yet, the real advantage isn’t simply the ability to migrate to a modern operating system. It’s what the Ivanti Velocity framework empowers task workers to do. With Ivanti Velocity, workers get more out of modern devices and user interfaces. This means optimizing existing resources in order to withstand (and overcome) labour shortages and supply chain bottlenecks.

Combine this with end-to-end supply chain visibility blended with orchestrated workflow automation and integration, and Ivanti Velocity delivers continuous growth and operational excellence – even in a challenging supply chain landscape

So think outside of just the good old telnet and request a custom demo here to get started on your warehouse of the future.