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The year is 2020, and you’d think by now employees would be able to remember their own passwords, right? Well with passwords and usernames being required for everything, it’s apparent that many people create one and then forget it, causing regular requests for IT.

According to a new survey from Ivanti, the most common help desk request IT professionals receive (31%) is: “I don’t remember my password.” After surveying more than 300 IT professionals, it’s clear there are still some major pain points IT departments face. This report details the survey’s key findings.

Help desk requests – it comes down to the basics

When asked what the most common help desk request a respondent’s IT organization receives, 31% said, “I don’t remember my password.” This is followed closely by, “I can’t login” (27%), and, “Why is the internet/my computer slow?” (22%).

The least common include:

  • I accidentally deleted some files (I can’t find…X) (6%)
  • The printer doesn’t work (6%)
  • Can you help me get my email on my new phone? (3%)
  • I think I may have received a phishing email (3%)
  • I think I may have caught a virus (1%)

The most annoying IT requests (according to IT professionals)


  • Password reset
  • Computer is too slow
  • The printer doesn’t work
  • Can you do XX right now


  • “There are many of them”
  • “My screen is black” (nothing was connected to the screen)
  • “Why do I have to reboot?”
  • “I left my computer in the rental car, will you let me know when you get it back.”
  • “I got asked to jump someone’s car…Even after I told them we don’t do that. J”
  • “Can you unblock this website?”
  • “Can you help change my timecard”
  • “I need help. Call me”
  • “How to get to Sharp Coronado?”
  • “Can you move these 50 computers across town right now?”

The heroes in the IT world (AKA IT professionals who need a raise!):

  • “Customer is king, there are no annoying requests”
  • “I do not receive these kind of questions”
  • “Nothing is really annoying”

IT professionals having a restful PTO experience? Not likely!

As was pointed out earlier, IT doesn’t get a break! 70% of IT professionals report working at least some during PTO. Here’s the breakdown:

  • 17% of IT professionals noted they ALWAYS work on PTO, with 53% saying they sometimes do
  • Only 8% of those surveyed said they don’t have to work when on PT

We asked those who have worked on PTO how that made them feel, here are their responses:

  • Valued – 35%
  • Annoyed – 29%
  • Selected, “Job security, baby!” – 15%

Working with other departments

IT professionals cited “other parts of IT” are the easiest to work with in their organization (46%). This department was followed by HR (13%) and engineering/software at (12%).

The department that was hardest to work with also included “other parts of IT” (26%), followed by HR (18%) and finance (16%).

Guess it’s safe to say that most people have a love/hate relationship with other departments.

The biggest pain points

The biggest pain point IT professionals have:

  • Lack of communication between IT and upper management (25%)
  • Hiring good talent (20%)
  • Security/fear of a breach (19%)
  • Low budget (15%)
  • I’m “always on”/no work-life balance (11%)


Overall, this study shows IT professionals have painful parts of their job, just like everyone else but can also find the humor in it. It also highlights that many professionals are taking their job with them on their rightfully earned PTO – something that could potentially be harmful.