Other than the Microsoft conspiracy to kill off disc based gaming ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!!! it was a pretty uneventful Patch Tuesday for issues.

For those who want to read up on, and fume over, the terrible conspiracy to kill off your disc based games, here is a little media fodder.

Now, what more than likely is happening is we have a really old driver that is deprecated and no longer being maintained. It has a security flaw and rather than fix it, so these old school gamers can continue to play their beloved games, Microsoft has decided to take the mitigation route and disable the service on older platforms and not include it in Windows 10.

FYI, I am a gamer and sympathize to a point, BUT we are in the digital age now. Check out Steampoweredgames.com and GOG.com. If your game is not already saved, start a movement to do so. They salvage old gems all the time. Security first kids, security first. Speaking of which, did you see this one:

FBI: Deal with your own Internet of Things security

According the the Bureau, it is on you, as the consumer, to ensure the security of your device. Scary thought. So now we are left to the vendor being responsible, because we all know that the consumer is a sheep and will buy without thinking about Security. Don't scowl at me for saying it. It is true. If my wife would let me act on more of my buying impulses I would probably be more guilty of it than I tend to be.

Let's take a look between the Patch Tuesdays for some more interesting things:

For those of you still running Server 2003, GUESS WHAT!?!?! There are more patches from September, but you only get them if you paid for extended support...  For those of you who did, and are on the Custom Content Support Agreement with us, we added support for MS15-082, MS15-083, MS15-084, MS15-087, MS15-096, MS15-097 and MS15-101. That brings the count thus far to 9 2003 updates since the EOL this July. Another KB under MS15-080 was also added for Server 2003.  ***Note you would only see these updates if you are on a Custom Content agreement and receiving a private feed***