You’ve likely heard of perfect pitch. Only one in 10,000 people is blessed with the trait, but when it comes to security controls and patching third-party applications, virtually every IT department can achieve “perfect patch.”

Perfect pitch—or absolute pitch—is the rare ability to identify or sing a given musical note without the benefit of a reference note. Many people never discover that they have the trait, and if they do, it’s more often the result of nurture than nature. I still recall my junior high Boys Glee teacher getting all verklempt when she discovered one of my fellow 7th-grade sopranos possessed the trait.

Here are 15 famous people with perfect pitch: 

  1. Ludwig van Beethoven
  2. Mariah Carey
  3. Bing Crosby
  4. Céline Dion
  5. Ella Fitzgerald
  6. Florence Henderson
  7. Jimi Hendrix
  8. Freddy Mercury
  9. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  10. Paul Shaffer
  11. Frank Sinatra
  12. Barbra Streisand
  13. Brian Wilson
  14. Stevie Wonder
  15. Yanni

Applications pose a greater risk to endpoint security than the OS

Patching operating systems and various security controls are common practice, but 86 percent of vulnerabilities are found in third-party software. Applications now represent a greater risk to the network than the OS. Patch management is far from being a “solved” problem.

Is there such a thing as the “perfect patch?” Ivanti Patch for SCCM, powered by Shavlik, closes the application-patching gap by extending the patching capabilities of Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) to include third-party application patching. The solution patches hundreds of popular vendors and applications, including Adobe (Reader), Apple (iTunes), Oracle (Java), Google (Chrome), Firefox, and many more. Update even the most difficult applications including Java and Google Chrome. You can learn more about it here.

Ivanti approaches perfection by only giving you the patch install needed for your enterprise software. Patches run silently, provide you only the enterprise version of the software update, and skip the toolbar installation. And you don’t have to rely on end users to patch individual applications.

Cut the time between patch availability and deployment

Patch for SCCM expands SCCM to include application patching but doesn’t require additional platforms or processes. The integrated, intuitive plug-in for the SCCM console lets you define and deploy application updates from within SCCM and leverage existing workflows. Patch for SCCM decreases significantly the amount of time taken between patch availability and deployment. As more applications are added to the environment, you devote more and more time just keeping the systems up-to-date. Patch for SCCM eliminates many of the manual steps normally taken to define third-party application patches in SCCM for workstations and servers, making IT immediately productive.

Take a few minutes to learn more about Ivanti Patch for SCCM.